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[Opinions] Indian/English - Ari for a boy?
Hi,I am 33 weeks pregnant and we still haven't decided on a name yet!! Help! We have a few names in mind and one of them is Ari.My partner has an Indian background and I am French and we live in an English country. We already have a 2 years old boy son called Kiran.We would like an indian name that is easy to pronounce in English and that can also be international ... Any other suggestion of Indian/English boys names?Thanks!!!
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I think Ari is a great name where ever in the world you might be :)
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I love Ari, great choice!
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Hi !!!I suggest you...Amrit
RajanThese are simple to pronounce and spelling in English and they have wonderful meanings.Among the names you suggest I choose Ari!Teo, Jai and Milan are not so good... but Ari is great! I love this name!Byeeeeeeee
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