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[Games] Generation CAF (Danish).
It is basically based on my immediate family: Two parents, one older daughter and a younger son. Names pretty much correspond with how popular they were around our births, though I was born in 1977 and there weren't a specific list from then, so I went with my brother's which is 1982 and is actually accurate in a big way. It goes AU from then on. Names do correspond with the birth years of spouses and children.This is my first of this kind and I'm a little nervous about it.-----DH (1950): Jan, Peter, Erik, Steen, Per, Henrik, John, Michael, Christian, Svend (Mortensen, Thomsen, Larsen, Jensen)
DW (1950): Susanne, Pia, Hanne, Birgitte, Lone, Marianne, Jette, Lisbeth, Anne, Annette (Olsen, Christensen, Andersen, Hansen)DD (1980-1985): Mette, Louise, Anne, Maria, Marie, Christina, Helle, Tina, Rikke, Heidi
DS (1980-1985): Thomas, Martin, Michael, Morten, Jesper, Anders, Søren, Henrik, Lars, Christian-----DD (1980-1985):
-DH (1980-1985): Jørgen, Johnny, Allan, Bo, Claus, Flemming, Henning, Jens, Lars, Ole (Rasmussen, Petersen, Poulsen, Johansen)
-DS (2001): Mathias, Nikolaj, Mads, Emil, Frederik, Rasmus, Mikkel, Magnus, Christian, Oliver
-DS (2003): Jonas, Jacob, Victor, Marcus, Tobias, Kasper, Sebastian, Simon, Andreas, Nicklas
-DD (2007): Mathilde, Emma, Sofie, Freja, Laura, Caroline, Ida, Anna, Sara, Julie
-DD (2010): Isabella, Maja, Lærke, Josefine, Sofia, Alberte, Clara, Liva, Victoria, Emilie-----DS (1980-1985):
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth, Helle, Kirsten, Margrethe, Bente, Jane, Vibeke, Lene, Irene, Karen (Pedersen, Christiansen, Nielsen, Kristensen)
-DS (2010): Marius, Philip, Alfred, Storm, Albert, Jeppe, Bertram, Tristan, Sander, Christoffer
-DD (2012): Astrid, Ellen. Asta, Katrine, Silke, Celina, Luna, Andrea, Lily, Esther
-DS/DD (2015): Elliot, Sebastian, Thor, Lauge, Sander, Laurits, Villum, Jonas, Otto, Silas // Vigga, Liv, Nanna, Celina, Merle, Vilma, Silje, Filippa, June, Signe

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DH (1950): Peter Henrik Jensen
DW (1950): Marianne Brigitte Olsen-Jensen
Peter & Marianne: Anne Marie and Michael DD (1980-1985): Anne Marie Jensen
DS (1980-1985): Michael Lars Jensen -----DD (1980-1985): Anne Marie Jensen-Petersen
-DH (1980-1985): Jens Flemming Petersen
Jens & Anne Marie: Oliver, Jacob, Sara, and Emilie -DS (2001): Oliver Emil Petersen
-DS (2003): Jacob Marcus Petersen
-DD (2007): Sara Caroline Petersen
-DD (2010): Emilie Clara Petersen -----DS (1980-1985): Michael Jensen
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth Jane Nielsen-Jensen
Michael & Elisabeth: Christoffer, Asta, Sander, and Vigga -DS (2010): Christoffer Philip Jensen
-DD (2012): Asta Lily Jensen
-DS/DD (2015): Sander Otto Jensen // Vigga June Jensen
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DH: Henrik John Larson
DW: Birgitte Anne Larson (née Christensen)DD: Louise Christina Petersen (née Larson)
-- DH: Lars Jørgen Petersen
- DS: Oliver Mathias Petersen
- DS: Sebastian Jacob Petersen
- DD: Freja Caroline Petersen
- DD: Sofia Emilie PetersenDS: Thomas Anders Larson
-- DW: Elisabeth Jane Larson (née Nielsen)
- DS: Tristan Philip Larson
- DD: Lily Astrid Larson
- DS/DD: Elliot Jonas Larson / June Celina Larson
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DH: Per Henrik (Larsen)
DW: Lone Susanne (Olsen)DD: Helle Maria
DS: Lars Henrik-----DD: Helle Maria
-DH: Ole Henning (Rasmussen)
-DS: Emil Magnus
-DS: Kasper Sebastian
-DD: Mathilde Anna
-DD: Clara Alberte-----DS: Lars Henrik
-DW: Irene Vibeke (Pedersen)
-DS: Philip Marius
-DD: Astrid Ellen
-DS/DD: Laurits Otto / Signe June
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DH (1950): Henrik Jan Larsen
DW (1950): Susanne Lisbeth Larsen (Olsen)DD (1980): Maria Louise Rasmussen (Larsen)
DS (1984): Jesper Søren Larsen -----DD (1980): Maria Louise Rasmussen (Larsen)
-DH (1980): Henning Jørgen Rasmussen
-DS (2001): Mathias Nikolaj Rasmussen
-DS (2003): Kasper Victor Rasmussen
-DD (2007): Mathilde Sara Rasmussen
-DD (2010): Lærke Maja Rasmussen -----DS (1984): Jesper Søren Larsen
-DW (1982): Lene Margrethe Larsen (Kristensen)
-DS (2010): Sander Tristan Larsen
-DD (2012): Astrid Katrine Larsen
-DS/DD (2015): Otto Laurits Larsen // Signe Liv Larsen
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DH: Jan Peter Larson
DW:Anne Bridgite Olsen
DD: Louise Tina-Maria Larson
DS: Micheal Jesper LarsonDH: Lars Fleming Peterson
DS: Magnus Raspus Peterson
DS: Victor Nicklas Peterson
DD: Sofie Emma-Freja Peterson
DD: Clara Victoria PetersonDW: Karen Kirsten Christianson
DS: Tristan Storm Christianson
DD: Astrid Lilly-Luna Christianson
DS: Elliot Thor Christianson
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DH (1950): Peter Michael [Larsen] Larsen
DW (1950): Susanne Birgitte ChristensenDD (1980-1985): Anne Christina Larsen
DS (1980-1985): Thomas Anders LarsenPeter & Susanne; Anne and Thomas-----DD (1980-1985): Anne Christina Larsen
-DH (1980-1985): Allan Jørgen Poulsen
-DS (2001): Nikolaj Emil Poulsen
-DS (2003): Jacob Simon Poulsen
-DD (2007): Caroline Emma Poulson
-DD (2010): Sofia Victoria PoulsonAnne & Allan; Nikolaj, Jacob, Caroline, and Sofia-----DS (1980-1985): Thomas Anders Larsen
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth Irene [Nielsen] Larsen
-DS (2010): Philip Marius Larsen
-DD (2012): Astrid Ellen Larsen
-DS/DD (2015): Jonas Elliot Larsen / Signe Vilma LarsenThomas & Elisabeth; Philip, Astrid, Jonas, and Signe
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DH (1950): Henrik Per Svend Mortensen
DW (1950): Birgitte Hanne Olsen Mortensen DD (1980-1985): Mette Christina
DS (1980-1985): Søren Anders Henrik -----
DD (1980-1985): Mette Christina Mortensen
-DH (1980-1985):Jørgen Jens Rasmussen -DS (2001): Frederik Nikolaj
-DS (2003): Simon Jonas
-DD (2007): Mathilde Freja
-DD (2010): Clara Josefine -----DS (1980-1985): Søren Anders Henrik Mortensen
-DW (1980-1985): Margarethe Helle Pedersen

-DS (2010): Philip Marius
-DD (2012): Silke Esther
-DS/DD (2015): Villum Elliot & Liv Silje
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DH (1950): Peter Michael Jensen
DW (1950): Marianne Jette OlsenDD (1981): Anne Louise Jensen
DS (1984): Thomas Anders Jensen-----DD (1981): Anne Louise Jensen
-DH (1980-1985): Bo Lars Petersen
-DS (2001): Oliver Mads Petersen
-DS (2003): Kasper Tobias Petersen
-DD (2007): Emma Ida Petersen
-DD (2010): Clara Maja Petersen-----DS (1984): Thomas Anders Jensen
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth Kirsten Nielsen
-DS (2010): Sander Philip Jensen
-DD (2012): Lily Katrine Jensen
-DS/DD (2015): Silas Thor Jensen // June Celina Jensen
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DH (1950): Jan Erik Mortensen
DW (1950): Pia Marianne Christensen DD (1980-1985): Mette Christina
DS (1980-1985): Thomas Morten -----DD (1980-1985):
-DH (1980-1985): Johnny Bo Poulsen
-DS (2001): Mathias Emil
-DS (2003): Jacob Andreas
-DD (2007): Mathilde Emma
-DD (2010): Isabella Lærke -----DS (1980-1985):
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth Helle Kristensen
-DS (2010): Marius Philip
-DD (2012): Astrid Ellen
-DS/DD (2015): Elliot Sebastian // Vigga June
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DH (1950): Jan Christian Mortensen
DW (1950): Annette Pia (Hansen) MortensenDD (1980-1985): Tina Mette Mortensen
DS (1980-1985): Michael Lars Mortensen-----DD (1980-1985): Tina Mette (Mortensen) Rasmussen
-DH (1980-1985): Jens Allan Rasmussen-DS (2001): Magnus Oliver Rasmussen
-DS (2003): Jacob Andreas Rasmussen
-DD (2007): Emma Julie Rasmussen
-DD (2010): Victoria Clara Rasmussen-----DS (1980-1985): Michael Lars Mortensen
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth Vibeke (Nielsen) Mortensen-DS (2010): Philip Sander Mortensen
-DD (2012): Luna Katrine Mortensen
-DS/DD (2015): Thor Laurits Mortensen / Nanna Celina Mortensen
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DH (1950): Michael John
DW (1950): Anne Birgitte DD (1980-1985): Christina Marie
DS (1980-1985): Søren Michael -----DD (1980-1985):
-DH (1980-1985): Bo Allan
-DS (2001): Nikolaj Oliver
-DS (2003): Jacob Sebastian
-DD (2007): Sofie Caroline
-DD (2010): Clara Liva -----DS (1980-1985):
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth Kirsten
-DS (2010): Tristan Storm
-DD (2012): Lily Celina
-DS/DD (2015): Elliot Thor // Liv Vigga
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Wuhu! Danske navne :DDH (1950): Erik Peter(Jensen)
DW (1950): Hanne Birgitte(Hansen)DD (1980-1985): Heidi Maria
DS (1980-1985): Søren Thomas
-----DD (1980-1985):
-DH (1980-1985): Bo (Johansen)
-DS (2001): Oliver Frederik
-DS (2003): Victor Sebastian
-DD (2007): Julie Mathilde
-DD (2010): Clara Josefine
-----DS (1980-1985):
-DW (1980-1985): Jane Elisabeth (Nielsen)
-DS (2010): Tristan Marius
-DD (2012): Lily Esther
-DS/DD (2015): Otto Elliot // Celina Liv
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DH (1950): John Michael (Jensen)
DW (1950): Pia Marianne ( Hansen)DD (1980-1985): Anne Marie
DS (1980-1985): Thomas Michael-----DD (1980-1985):Anne Marie
-DH (1980-1985): Jørgen Lars( Johansen)
-DS (2001): Mathias Christian
-DS (2003): Jonas Simon
-DD (2007): Emma Caroline
-DD (2010): Clara Josefine-----DS (1980-1985):Thomas Michael
-DW (1980-1985): Kirsten Jane(Nielsen)
-DS (2010): Philip Bertram
-DD (2012): Lily Astrid
-DS/DD (2015): Silas Otto// June Vilma
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DH (1950): Steen Michael Larsen
DW (1950): Anne Lisbeth AndersenDD (1980-1985): Mette Louise Larsen
DS (1980-1985): Morten Jesper Larsen-----DD (1980-1985): Mette Louise Larsen
-DH (1980-1985): Flemming Bo Rasmussen
-DS (2001): Emil Mads Rasmussen
-DS (2003): Jonas Kasper Rasmussen
-DD (2007): Freja Caroline Rasmussen
-DD (2010): Lærke Josefine Rasmussen-----DS (1980-1985): Morten Jesper Larsen
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth Lene Kristensen
-DS (2010): Marius Sander Larsen
-DD (2012): Astrid Lily Larsen
-DS/DD (2015): Thor Jonas Larsen // Liv Filippa Larsen
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DH [1950] John Michael Larsen
DW [1950] Marianne Pia Larsen *Olsen*DD [1980-1985] Christina Louise *Larsen*
DS [1980-1985] Thomas Jesper LarsenJohn and Marianne w Christina and Thomas**
DD [1980-1985] Christina Louise Johansen *Larsen*
DH [1980-1985] Lars Johnny JohansenDS [2001] Oliver Rasmus Johansen
DS [2003] Jacob Sebastian Johansen
DD [2007] Emma Freja Johansen
DD [2010] Isabella Sofia JohansenChristina and Lars w Oliver, Jacob. Emma and Bella**
DS [1980-1985] Thomas Jesper Larsen
DW [1980-1985] Elisabeth Jane Larsen *Nielsen*DS [2010] Tristan Alfred Larsen
DD [2012] Lily Esther Larsen
DS & DD [2015] Elliot Thor Larsen & Liv Celina LarsenThomas and Beth w Tristan, Lily, Elliot and Liv
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DH (1950): -- Erik Christian Larsen
DW (1950): -- Marianne Birgitte (Olsen) LarsenDD (1980-1985): -- Helle Maria (Larsen) Poulsen
DS (1980-1985): -- Morten Jesper Larsen-----DD (1980-1985): Helle Poulsen
-DH (1980-1985): -- Jens Flemming Poulsen-DS (2001): -- Mikkel Nikolaj Poulsen
-DS (2003): -- Kasper Jonas Poulsen
-DD (2007): -- Freja Mathilde Poulsen
-DD (2010): -- Lærke Josefine Poulsen-----DS (1980-1985): Morten Larsen
-DW (1980-1985): -- Elisabeth Vibeke (Pedersen) Larsen-DS (2010): -- Sander Marius Larsen
-DD (2012): -- Silke Astrid Larsen
-DS/DD (2015): -- Thor Villum Larsen & Liv Filippa Larsen
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DH (1950): Christian Michael Thomsen
DW (1950): Pia Annette {Olsen} ThomsenDD (1980): Heidi Maria {Thomsen} Petersen
DS (1984): Michael Christian Thomsen*DD (1980): Heidi Maria {Thomsen} Petersen
DW (1980): Jens Henning PetersenDS (2001): Oliver Frederik Petersen
DS (2003): Sebastian Jacob Petersen
DD (2007): Caroline Freja Petersen
DD (2010): Isabella Emilie Petersen*DS (1984): Michael Christian Thomsen
DW (1985): Elisabeth Karen {Nielsen} ThomsenDS (2010): Marius Christoffer Thomsen
DD (2012): Lily Astrid Thomsen
DS (2015): Elliot Silas Thomsen
DD (2015): Celina June Thomsen
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DH (1950): Svend Peter Larsen
DW (1950): Pia Lisbeth Marianne Christensen DD (1980-1985): Helle Heidi Maria
DS (1980-1985): Morten Michael Jesper -----DD (1980-1985): Helle Heidi Maria
-DH (1980-1985): Claus Flemming Petersen
-DS (2001): Nikolaj Frederik
-DS (2003): Kasper Andreas
-DD (2007): Ida Mathilde
-DD (2010): Alberte Isabella -----DS (1980-1985): Morten Michael Jesper
-DW (1980-1985): Margrethe Vibeke Nielsen
-DS (2010): Bertram Alfred
-DD (2012): Astrid Silke
-DS/DD (2015): Laurits Otto // Nanna Celina
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Don't be nervous! It's really good!DH (1950): Henrik Michael Mortensen
DW (1950): Pia Lona {Andersen} MortensenDD (1980-1985): Mette Christina {Mortensen} Poulsen
DS (1980-1985): Jesper Lars MortensenHenrik & Pia; Mette and Jesper-----DD (1980-1985): Mette Christina {Mortensen} Poulsen
-DH (1980-1985): Henning Claus Poulsen-DS (2001): Rasmus Emil Poulsen
-DS (2003): Simon Marcus Poulsen
-DD (2007): Ida Laura Poulsen
-DD (2010): Clara Lærke PoulsenMette & Henning; Rasmus, Simon, Ida, and Clara-----DS (1980-1985): Jesper Lars Mortensen
-DW (1980-1985): Irene Margrethe {Kristensen} Mortensen -DS (2010): Alfred Bertram Mortensen
-DD (2012): Silke Luna Mortensen
-DS/DD (2015): Otto Sebastian Mortensen and Merle Filippa MortensenJesper & Irene; Alfred, Silke, Otto, and Merle
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DH [1950] Henrik Michael Jensen
DW [1950] Pia Susanne {Andersen} JensenDD [1980] Christina Louise {Jensen} Petersen
- DH [1980] Allan Flemming Petersen
- DS [2001] Magnus Oliver Petersen
- DS [2003] Jacob Simon Petersen
- DD [2007] Caroline Anna Petersen
- DD [2010] Maja Josefine PetersenDS [1983] Lars Morten Jensen
- DW [1985] Kirsten Elisabeth {Nielsen} Jensen
- DS [2010] Tristan Philip Jensen
- DD [2012] Celina Astrid Jensen
- DS [2015] Sebastian Elliot Jensen
- DD [2015] Liv Signe Jensen
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DH (1950): John Christian Thomsen
DW (1950): Marianne Pia Christensen
DD (1980-1985): Louise Anne Thomsen
DS (1980-1985): Michael Christian Thomsen
DD (1980-1985): Louise Anne Thomsen
-DH (1980-1985): Flemming Lars Johansen
-DS (2001): Mathias Christian Johansen
-DS (2003): Sebastian Tobias Johansen
-DD (2007): Caroline Ida Johansen
-DD (2010): Victoria Emilie Johansen
DS (1980-1985): Michael Christian Thomsen
-DW (1980-1985): Elisabeth Irene Kristensen
-DS (2010): Bertram Tristan Thomsen
-DD (2012): Astrid Esther Thomsen
-DS/DD (2015): Elliot Thor Thomsen // Liv Signe Thomsen
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DH (1950): Erik Svend Larsen
DW (1950): Lisbeth Annette (Hansen) LarsenDD (1980-1985): Christina Rikke Larsen
DS (1980-1985): Jesper Morten Larsen-----DD (1980-1985): Christina Rikke (Larsen) Rasmussen
-DH (1980-1985): Jørgen Flemming Rasmussen
-DS (2001): Mikkel Frederik Rasmussen
-DS (2003): Sebastian Victor Rasmussen
-DD (2007): Freja Caroline Rasmussen
-DD (2010): Emilie Alberte Rasmussen-----DS (1980-1985): Jesper Morten Larsen
-DW (1980-1985): Margrethe Helle (Pedersen) Larsen
-DS (2010): Bertram Alfred Larsen
-DD (2012): Astrid Katrine Larsen
-DS/DD (2015): Otto Sander Larsen // Vilma Signe Larsen
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