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[Opinions] Some Hebrew Names
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My favorites of those are Zelig, Levi, Zeev, Marta, Yoela, and Liat.
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I like the meaning of Zeev
Have always loved David, Levi, Ezra, Hannah and LiatMarta and Golda are more Yiddish not Hebrew but are pretty namesI think Rinat, Avi and Ofer sound interesting
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Dror- okay, but I feel like this should be the name of a dwarf in a Lord of the Ring's book.
Avraham- nice, but I like Abram better
Ofer- dislike. It is too similar to the word offer as in offering a bid on a house.
Zelig- dislike the sound of it.
Igor- Frankenstein's Russian assistant
Meir- nice and "giving light" is a nice meaning
Ilay- okay
Zeev- It sounds like a cool nickname.
Shimson- dislike
Rishon- okay
Menachem- okay
Mikhael- prefer Michael
Ezra- love it
David- It is okay, but I would like it more if it weren't used so much.
Avi- love it but it seems more like a nickname.
Yossi- meh
Shlomo- Isn't shalom a greeting?
Levi- fineHanna- pretty
Marta- okay
Golda- okay
Yoela- pretty
Ilana- fine
Rahel- nice
Mikhal- dislike
Inbal- dislike
Liat- dislike and the meaning "you are mine" seems odd
Rinat- wierdly enough this name makes me think of Rennet (the enzyme produced in the stomach's of animals like cows. It curdles the casein in milk for cheese)
Sima- dislike
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