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[Opinions] Odd names Swedish celebrities have given to their children
Rapper Petter (Askegren): Alfons, Lexus and Vita.Singer Carola Häggkvist: Amadeus (also has a daughter, Zoë, who was adopted from South Africa).Author/playwriter/comedian Jonas Gardell and TV-personality Mark Levengood: Amos and Olga.Author/journalist Unni Drougge: Iggy, Leo, Nova ("Nonno"), Link and Babs.Former football (soccer) player Magnus Hedman and model/writer Magdalena Graaf: Carl Lancelot and Tristan von Avalon (Magda also had a son called Isac who tragically died in an accident).Designer/stylist Isabelle McAllister: Della and Beppe.Singer and chorister Caroline af Ugglas: Eddie-Lee (f) and Otis.Musician Titiyo: Femi (f).Musician Neneh Cherry: Tyson (f). Also has a daughter called Naima.TV personality/former actress Sanna Bråding: Kane-Lee and Lakkie-Bee (both m).Journalist (etc.) Gert Fylking: Figaro (he also has five adult kids).Actress Eva Röse: Floyd, Flynn, Florian and Franke.Media personality (and, imho, psychopath) Katrin Zytomierska: Ringo, Rambo and Falke.Politician and diplomat Carl Bildt: Gunnel Blanceflor. Also has two sons, Nils and Gustav.Singer Jill Johnson: Havanna and Bonnie Lee.Actress Julia Dufvenius: Tildelin ("Tilde").TV-personality Erik Haag and author/actress Martina Haag (now divorced): Jackson, Lucia, Dino and Diana.TV personality Sofia Wistam: Kid (m), Sindy, Texas and Lennox.Actress Tilde Fröling: Mingus (m) and Marley (f).Actress Cecilia Frode: Oderia.Actress Regina Lund: Wiggo Love Linblå (blue like a flax flower).Musician Thomas di Leva: Victor Cosmo Yoga and Telo.
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Maybe not odd...unusual, thennm
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