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[Opinions] New Swedish prince
Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia had their second child last Thursday. It's another boy and his name will be Gabriel Carl Walther.
I'm very happy that his name will be Gabriel, because it's my younger brother's name! Can't say I'm crazy about Walther, though.
Gabriel joins big brother Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil (yeah, I know, Hubertus Bertil sounds awkward...)Does the sea exist
Because of our longing?
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Alexander and Gabriel aren't very exciting names but they're a handsome duo, and I do love the name Gabriel. It just bothers me that Alexander has four names and Gabriel only three! Same with Estelle and Oscar.
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Hubertis and Bertil are amazing. Thanks for pointing it out. (And yes, the flow is awkward.) Gabriel Carl Walther is very handsome. I would have thought Karl instead of Carl, but that shows you how much I know about Sweden and its royal family. :0)

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l love Gabriel and like Alexander, so l'm very happy with their choices. Since all middle names are honoring they get a pass from me.
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I don't like Gabriel. It's a fine name, I just dislike it. Walther Sommerlath was Carl Philip's maternal grandfather, so I guess that's why they used that spelling.
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I love Hubertus, Bertil, and Walther.
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I'm surprised to see Gabriel, I thought they would go with something a little more classic (like Oscar, if it hadn't already been used). I don't mind the name though.
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I'm okay with Carl, and I'm neutral towards Walther, but I really don't like Gabriel.
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Lovely handsome name.
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I don't like Gabriel, but I like Carl Walther. I don't think Gabriel and Carl sound particularly good together, but maybe Carl Philip and Sofia like awkward combinations.
I've wondered why they didn't name their first son Carl Alexander something something, to continue the Carl name line.
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Yeahhhhh !!!!!!I was waiting today because the King would announce his name!!! I love Royals!Gabriel Carl Walther?
Gabriel is quite common among royals.
Carl is his grandfather's name..
I guess that Walther is like Bertil (a family name).All tohether it's ok...
But nothing surprising..Anyway CONGRATULATION Carl Philip and Sofia !!!!!Now we will waiting for Princess Madeleine's third child!
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