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[Facts] Middle names in Spanish names?
I understand the forming of a traditional Spanish surname, both parents' names, etc. But I am still confused as to if they do or do not use a middle name. Any information or articles that could be helpful are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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In Argentina:- we use 1 mn (you can use 2 mns, but that's not common... as it's not common to use only a fn)
- we only use a few composed names (María X, Juan Manuel, Juan Ignacio, Juan José... I guess it's the same in Spain, at least for men, from what I've heard)
- we use our father's surname unless it's too common, short or something else
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No, it's not used.===
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The concept of "middle name" is not related with Spanish language. It is more the concept of a compound name but only used one of the names, sometimes the first, sometimes the second, etc.In Spain, compound names are very strange and in general sound as "American soap-opera names" (Colombian, Venezuelan, Argentinian...), and there are not middle names.Lumia
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Hm, well one of my good friends is Mexican and she has quite a few mns. I mention it in this post:, my hometown has a high population of people from Mexico and so I have a lot of Mexican friends and I, while I can't remember their names, a lot of them tend to have quite a few mns as well. In Mexico family is super, super important - especially remembering and honoring your elders and your ancestors (hence Dia de los Muertos - The Day of the Dead, which a lot of people think is just Mexico's Halloween but it isn't. It's a holiday that honors the spirits of deceased family members). Because of this many parents give their children names of family members who were important to them - parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so one person can have up to a dozen mns.Though I'm sure that just like anywhere else there are people with no mns, one mn or just two or three mns. It seems from observation (and again, let me merely state it is an observation, not a hard fact) that multiple mns are a common thing.
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