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[Games] Initial CAF - Inspired by the Norwegian Royal Family!
Note: Like in the British Royal Family Initial CAF, King Harald doesn't have a middle name, so K and N (standing for King and Norway) will serve as the middle name initials, while Q and N will be the ones for the wife's.LN: ODH: HKN
DS1: HMDD1: same as above
DH: AM (LN: B)-DD1: MA
-DD2: LI
-DD3: ET

DS1: same as above
DW: MMT (MN: H)-Step-DS: MB
-DD1: IA
-DS1: SM—— My FP account My FF account

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LN: O'ConnorDH: Hubert Kane Norman O'Connor
DW: Sophia Quintina Natalie O'Connor (MN: Hummel)DD1: Myra Louisa O'Connor
DS1: Harold Michael O'ConnorDD1: Myra Louise Benton (née O'Connor)
DH: Austin Matthew Benton-DD1: Michelle Andrina Benton
-DD2: Lydia Ingrid Benton
-DD3: Esther Tamsin Benton

DS1: Harold Michael O'Connor
DW: Misty Maria Therese O'Connor (née Henriksen)-Step-DS: Miles Benjamin Henriksen
-DD1: Iola Alexandra O'Connor
-DS1: Stephen Michael O'Connor

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DH: Hugo Kasper Niklas Ostberg
DW: Sofia Qiana Natalia [Hummel] OstburgDD1: Marina Lovise [Ostberg] Beck
DS1: Henrik Marius OstbergHugo & Sofia; Marina and HenrikDD1: Marina Lovise [Ostberg] Beck
DH: Andreas Mark Beck-DD1: Maren Alexandra Beck
-DD2: Lucia Ingrid Beck
-DD3: Eira Tatiana BeckMarina & Andreas; Maren, Lucia, and Eira

DS1: Henrik Marius Ostberg
DW: Maja Mathilde Torbjørg Hagen-Step-DS: Matthias Bjørn Hagen
-DD1: Isabella Audhild Ostberg
-DS1: Stefan Mikael OstbergHenrik & Maja; Matthias, Isabella, and Stefan
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LN: OppeltDH: Harry Kennett Neville Oppelt
DW: Suzanne Queneva Nargis (Hoder) OppeltDD1: Melissa Leanne (Oppelt) Brooks
DS1: Heath Mason OppeltDD1: Melissa Leanne (Oppelt) Brooks
DH: Adrian Marcus Brooks-DD1: Matilda "Mattie" Alice Brooks
-DD2: Lilith "Lily" Ione Brooks
-DD3: Emmeline "Emmy" Tovah Brooks

DS1: Heath Mason Oppelt
DW: Marisa Mercedes Trinidad Hernandez-Oppelt-Step-DS: Macario Benito Hernandez-Oppelt
-DD1: Imelda Araceli Hernandez-Oppelt
-DS1: Sebastián Miguel Hernandez-Oppelt
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LN: OwensDH: Henry Kieran Nathaniel Owens
DW: Stella Quinn Noelle (Henderson) OwensDD1: Matilda Louise Owens
DS1: Henry Magnus OwensDD1: Matilda Louise Owens
DH: Alexander Matthias Broom-DD1: Molly Alexandra Broom
-DD2: Louise Isabella Broom
-DD3: Elisabeth Thea Broom

DS1: Henry Magnus Owens
DW: Mia Marie Therese Howard-Step-DS: Maxwell Bailey Howard
-DD1: India Alice Owens
-DS1: Stellan Marc Owens
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I changed the structure a bit (Märtha Louise and her husband divorced a couple years ago), I hope you don't mind.
DH: Howell Kenneth Napier Owens
DW: Sílvia Queralt Neus Horta HerreroDD1: Melinda Lluïsa Owens-Horta
DS1: Howell Martí Owens-HortaDD1: Melinda Lluïsa Owens-Horta
ExH: Antoni Marcel Bover BlanxartDD1: Mireia Annabel Bover Owens
DD2: Llucía Irene Bover Owens
DD3: Eulàlia Tabitha Bover OwensDS1: Howell Martí Owens-Horta
DW: Meredith Morgana Tamsin HaverfordDW's DS: Milo Bran Haverford
DD1: Imogen Alis Owens-Haverford
DS1: Simon Martí Owens-Haverford
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