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[Opinions] Danish Twin baby boys on the news.
Mads and Mikkel.While cutesy and rhymey, it had me rolling my eyes of the lack of imagination etc, since they're the names of the dog and fox in "The Fox and the Hound" in Danish (full title is "Mads og Mikkel" - 'og' means 'and'). Where the dog is Mads and the fox is Mikkel.I can just imagine how it'll be for them growing up with these names and no doubt getting comments about it, considering where they came from...

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Nikita & Elliott
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Nikita Celestine Zenobia
Elliott Hawthorne Maximus
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Poor kids. I dislike names like that for twins, since they are not going to be always mentioned together. Same for super rhymey names.
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Hi !!!Poor kids!
I dislike matchy names for siblings but I really hate them for twins.In Italian the couple is Red (the fox) and Toby (the dog).Nothing enough good to use here.
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It just reminds me of Mads Mikkelsen
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I was just going to post that, as soon as I saw the OP.
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Me too.
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