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[Games] Gender-Neutral Initials Generation CAF: Valentine's Day
Sorry about not finishing my last one! I really was going to come back for it, but I got busy, and then it got kind of buried.
Here is a new one! The parents' and children's initials are made up of the letters in the phrase "Happy Valentine's Day".
Then, the next generation is the childrens' children, whose initials do not spell out anything. :P
Enjoy! Parent 1: HA
Parent 2: PP
Child 1: YV
Child 2: AL
Child 3: EN
Child 4: TI
Child 5: NE
Child 6: SD
Child 7: AY
--------Child 1: YV
-Child: RL
Child: AEChild 2: AL
-Child: IR
-Child: AAChild 3: EN
-Child: IL
-Child: NA
Child 4: TI
-Child: NI
-Child: YSChild 5: NE
-Child: RH
-Child: TA
-Child: HNChild 6: SD
-Child: RN
-Child: AA
Child 7: AY
-Child: AR
-Child: NK
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Parent 1: Harry Amos
Parent 2: Phoebe PearlChild 1: Yasmin Veronica
Child 2: Asher Leo
Child 3: Eve Nancy
Child 4: Talitha Ivy
Child 5: Nathaniel Ezra
Child 6: Sarah Daphne
Child 7: Amos York
--------Child 1: Yasmin Veronica
SO: Alexander Abel
-Child: Ruby Louisa
-Child: Abraham Eliezer Child 2: Asher Leo
SO: Rachel Oriana
-Child: Isaac Rupert
-Child: Arielle AmberChild 3: Eve Nancy
SO: Reuben Ari
-Child: Isaiah Luke
-Child: Nicodemus AndrewChild 4: Talitha Ivy
SO: Oscar Raphael
-Child: Ned Israel
-Child: Yvette SkyChild 5: Nathaniel Ezra
SO: Olivia Tess

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Parent 1: Harold Anthony Vipond
Parent 2: Patricia Prudence Vipond (née Norling)Child 1: Yale Vincent Vipond
Child 2: Amandine Lily Vipond
Child 3: Enid Norma Vipond
Child 4: Tatiana Isabelle Vipond
Child 5: Nestor Eric Vipond
Child 6: Simon Dennis Vipond
Child 7: Alexandria Yvette Vipond
--------Child 1: Yale Vincent Vipond
SO: Audra Agnes Vipond (née Collins)
-Child: Raymond Louis Vipond
-Child: Arthur Erick VipondChild 2: Amandine Lily Henrickson (née Vipond)
SO: Richard Oscar Henrickson
-Child: Ingrid Rose Henrickson
-Child: Alana April HenricksonChild 3: Enid Norma Jernigan (née Vipond)
SO: Randall Albert Jernigan
-Child: Isabella Laci Jernigan
-Child: Nathaniel Anthony JerniganChild 4: Tatiana Isabelle Eichel (née Vipond)
SO: Otto Rainier Eichel

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