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[Games] Initial CAF - Nonuplets
There has yet to be a case of surviving nonuplets in reality, but let's say this was a fictional surviving set, okay?
DH (84, deceased): DJ (LN: E or G)
DW (88): AL (MN: M or P)Nonuplets (all aged 50):
—DD1: JL
—DS1: PR
—DS2: NT
—DD2: FK
—DD3: DE
—DD4: US
—DS3: QW
—DS4: IJ
—DS5: RD
DD1 (50): same as above
DH: (52): BW (LN: H or K)-DS1 (24): BD
—Fiancée (25): IC (LN: S or U)-DS2 (21): ZW
—BF (22): GF (LN: R or T)-DD1 (19): MT
-DS3/DD2 (15): JP & CE
DS1 (50): same as above
DW (50): BR (MN: A or D)-DS1 (27): EN
—DW (27): DW (MN: O or Q)
—DD1 (1): PW-DD1 (25): VR
—DH (28): WI (LN: R or V)
—DS1 (nb.): SWP
DS2 (50): same as above
Partner (53): OF (LN: M or Q)-ADS1 (29, adopted at 3 months): FR
—Fiancée (28): KY (LN: M or S)-ADS2 (26, adopted at 8 months): DO
—GF (27): JH (LN: B or F)
—DD1 (1): SJ-ADD1 (24, adopted at birth): EC
—BF (25): ADS (LN: T or W)
DD2 (50): same as above
DH (54): GW (LN: T or Z)-DS1 (32): MF
—DW (34): ER (MN: G or K)
—DS1 (2): QM-DS2 (30): WG
—DW (31): PL (MN: B or C)
—DD1 (3): AL
DD3 (50): same as above
DH (53): JH (LN: X or Z)-DS1/DS2 (29): PL & PW
—DS1’s Fiancée (28): FT (LN: W or Y)
—DS2’s GF (26): IK (LN: C or E)-DS3 (26): HJ
—Fiancé (28): GR (LN: A or D)-DS4 (22): NF
—GF (23): YM (LN: H or J)
DD4 (50): same as above
DH (55): IP (LN: C or F)DH’s DD (32): JC
—DH (36): MJ (LN: R or T)
—DS1 (4): EJ
—DS2 (6 months): SIDD1 (23): AM
—BF (24): TB (LN: V or Z)DS1 (20): FP
DS3 (50): same as above
DW (48): WA (MN: O or Q)DS1 (22): MEDS2 (19): ZB
—GF (19): RDC (LN: H or J) DD1 (17): KR
DD2 (14): CL
DS3 (11): JM
DS4 (50): same as above
DW (53): RM (MN: I or M)ADS1 (20, adopted from India): AN
—GF (21): TE (LN: M or P)ADD1 (18, adopted from India): KV
ADS2 (16, adopted from foster care): DC
ADD2 (13, adopted from foster care): HG
DS5 (50): same as above
DW (50): BB (LN: G or L)-DD1 (23): DP
—BF (24): KG (LN: P or T)-DS1 (18): AM
—GF (19): ES (LN: N or Q)—— My FP account My FF account

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DH (84, deceased): Dominic JudeNico’ (LN: Granger)
DW (88): Arabella Lavinia (MN: Poet)
Nonuplets (all aged 50):
—DD1: Juliet LyraJett
—DS1: Perseus RonanPercy
—DS2: Nicholas Tiberius
—DD2: Freya Karis
—DD3: Delphine Esme
—DD4: Ursula Sage
—DS3: Quincy Winston
—DS4: Ira Judah
—DS5: Rufus Dylan

DD1 (50): Juliet LyraJett
DH: (52): Barnaby Wyatt (LN: Kingsley)
-DS1 (24): Bellamy David
—Fiancée (25): Iris Clara (LN: Sorenson)
-DS2 (21): Zeno Warner
—BF (22): George Foster (LN: Rosenthal)
-DD1 (19): Magnolia Tallulah
-DS3/DD2 (15): Julius Peter & Cressida Emmeline

DS1 (50): Perseus RonanPercy
DW (50): Briar Ruth (MN: Adams)
-DS1 (27): Ezra Neville

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I used cultures that don't use middle names. Just work with me, okay?
DH (84, deceased): Delmar Joel (LN: Gallagher)
DW (88): Avis Lucy (MN: MacKenna)Nonuplets (all aged 50):
—DD1: Jane Lenora
—DS1: Patrick Rufus
—DS2: Nolan Todd
—DD2: Frances Kathleen
—DD3: Diana Ellen
—DD4: Una Sharon
—DS3: Quinlan Wade
—DS4: Ian Julius
—DS5: Reed Douglas
DD1 (50): Jane Lenora
DH: (52): Barnaby William (LN: Kynaston)-DS1 (24): Blair Dawson
—Fiancée (25): Isla Cordelia (LN: Somer)-DS2 (21): Zane Winslow
—BF (22): Gardenia Fleur (LN: Russell)-DD1 (19): Mae Tatum
-DS3/DD2 (15): Joss Paddon & Cáit Emery
DS1 (50): Patrick Rufus
DW (50): Beatrice Rosaline (MN: Atwood)-DS1 (27): Esmond Niall

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DH (84, deceased): Donald Joseph Granger
DW (88): Alice Lynne Granger (née Parrish)Nonuplets (all aged 50):
—DD1: Julia Lynne Granger
—DS1: Patrick Robert Granger
—DS2: Norman Thomas Granger
—DD2: Frida Kathryn Granger
—DD3: Daisy Elisabeth Granger
—DD4: Ursula Suellen Granger
—DS3: Quinn Walter Granger
—DS4: Isaac Joseph Granger
—DS5: Raymond Donald Granger
DD1 (50): Julia Lynne Hasenkamp (née Granger)
DH: (52): Bernard William Hasenkamp-DS1 (24): Bernard Daniel Hasenkamp
—Fiancée (25): Ida Cathleen Sokal-DS2 (21): Zachary William Hasenkamp
—BF (22): George Francis Robson-DD1 (19): Miranda Tiffany Hasenkamp
-DS3/DD2 (15): Justin Peter & Coral Edith Hasenkamp
DS1 (50): Patrick Robert Granger
DW (50): Brenda Rose Granger (née Alberts)-DS1 (27): Edward Norman Granger

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DH (84, deceased): Dashiell James Eckhouse
DW (88): Anna Louise MorrisonNonuplets (all aged 50):
—DD1: Juniper Louise Eckhouse
—DS1: Peter Rylan Eckhouse
—DS2: Nathan Timothy Eckhouse
—DD2: Flora Keeva Eckhouse
—DD3: Daphne Eileen Eckhouse
—DD4: Ulla Simone Eckhouse
—DS3: Quinn William Eckhouse
—DS4: Isaac James Eckhouse
—DS5: Roman Dashiell Eckhouse
DD1 (50): Juniper Louise Eckhouse
DH: (52): Byron William Hanson-DS1 (24): Byron Dashiell Hanson
—Fiancée (25): Isadora Claire Smith-DS2 (21): Zachary William Hanson
—BF (22): George Francis Robertson-DD1 (19): Matilda Trinity Hanson
-DS3/DD2 (15): Jasper Payton Hanson & Caroline Eden Hanson
DS1 (50): Peter Rylan Eckhouse
DW (50): Bianca Rosa Danieli-DS1 (27): Elias Niccolo Eckhouse

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DH (84, deceased): David Joseph Grey
DW (88): Anna Lila Miller-Grey
David & Anna: Julia, Peter, Nicholas, Florence, Dorothea, Una, Quentin, Isaac and Robert Nonuplets (all aged 50):
—DD1: Julia Lucy Grey
—DS1: Peter Richard Grey
—DS2: Nicholas Thomas "Nick" Grey
—DD2: Florence Katherine Grey
—DD3: Dorothea Elizabeth Grey
—DD4: Una Sophia Grey
—DS3: Quentin William Grey
—DS4: Isaac John Grey
—DS5: Robert Daniel "Rob" Grey
DD1 (50): Julia Grey-Hart
DH: (52): Benjamin Walter "Ben" Hart
Ben & Julia: Benjamin, Zane, Madeline, Jack and Claire

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DH (84, deceased): Dominic Julian Ellington
DW (88): Alexandra Louise MarkleNonuplets (all aged 50):
—DD1: Joan Leocadia Ellington
—DS1: Patrick Raphael Ellington
—DS2: Noel Theodosius Ellington
—DD2: Frances Kassia Ellington
—DD3: Dorothy Eulalia Ellington
—DD4: Ursula Susanna Ellington
—DS3: Quentin Wulfstan Ellington
—DS4: Ignatius Joachim Ellington
—DS5: Richard Dunstan Ellington
DD1 (50): Joan Leocadia Ellington
DH: (52): Benjamin Winston Haley-DS1 (24): Benjamin Dominic Ellington "Ben"
—Fiancée (25): IC (LN: S or U)-DS2 (21): Zachariah Winston Ellington "Zac"
—BF (22): GF (LN: R or T)-DD1 (19): Margaret Thomasina Ellington "Meg"
-DS3/DD2 (15): Joseph Peter Ellington "Joe" & Catherine Emma Ellington "Cat"
DS1 (50): Patrick Raphael Ellington

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