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[Opinions] Russian nursery
Just had the pleasure of sitting in at a nursery in Moscow. All the children are aged 3-4.Names:Varvara
Anastasia 'Stacey'
Teodora 'Tea'
Sasha x2
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Alisa, Anastasia and Varvara (nn Varya) are very popular in Russia, Teodora is extremely rare, but the other girls’ names and nicknames sound foreign. Weixin is especially weird.
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I probably should have said Weixin is Chinese.
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Weixin is interesting, and I can't really pronounce it, but it sounds pretty enough. Sophie always seemed like more a an American name, so that is also cute even though I prefer Sofie to Sophie. Alisa reminds me of Ayn Rand, because that was her real name, and I can't stand her philosophy or her devoted fans, so that name is kind of ruined for me. And Teodora is really pretty, I think it sounds more feminine and light without the The.For boys, I love Lev because of Trotsky, my favorite politician, and Petya is nice but that sounds feminine to me. Misha and Sasha sound masculine enough though, especially Misha.
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The girls' names are really unexpected for Russia. The boys have typical Russian male names.
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A 3 year old Stacey, especially in Russia, is very interesting! I like Sophie, Teodora "Tea", Alisa and Lev.
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I like Varvara, Sophia, Varya, Alisa, and Petya.Out of curiosity, why were you there? Were you volunteering or something?
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No I was visiting a friend who lives and works there. This is a really fancy nursery, and they don't take volunteers, only qualified teachers.
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