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[Games] Simple Initial CAF
Only one parent is required. You can have up to three in any capacity you want.Surname: RParent: S G
(optional parent #2) M E
(optional parent #3) S C
S/S: J B / S T
D: J V
D: N A
S: C F
S: A E
D: W M
D/S: L J / R B
D: D C

Evgeniy • Vyvyan • DashiellBrooklynSebastianJamesNikitaSilviuHadleyBarnaby
NataliaVivianaGratianaEugeniaMaximiliana • Anemona • ValentynaDaciana • Feodosia • Isadora

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Mine -The ResniksSurname: ResnikParent: Stelamaris Gratiana
(optional parent #2) Mykola Evgeniy
(optional parent #3) Silvio Caius
S/S: Jago Bedivere / Sender Tarquin
D: Josiane Valentyna
D: Nialla Anemona
S: Cyryl Fennix
S: Amyas Enzo
D: Willa Madara
D/S: Lulit Jessamyn / Rune Benoît
D: Daciana Cvijeta
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Parent1: Sebastian George Rolands
Parent2: Millie Elena RolandsS1/S2: Jenson Beckett Rolands & Sidney Tennyson Rolands
D1: Juno Victoria Rolands
D2: Natasha Alice Rolands
S3: Cassidy Finn Rolands
S4: Atticus Enzo Rolands
D3: Willow Melody Rolands
D4/S5: Lexa Juliette Rolands & Roman Blake Rolands
D5: Diana Caroline Rolands "Seb (39) and Millie (40) with: Jenson & Sidney (16), Juno (12), Tasha (11), Cass (9), Atticus (8), Willow (5), Lexa & Roman (3), and Diana (nb)."
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DH: Stephen Grant Rodgers
DW: Mariana Emilia Franco-GomezDS/DS: Justin Bernardo + Sebastian Tomas Rodgers
DD: Julianna Veronica Rodgers
DD: Nicolette Adriana Rodgers
DS: Christopher Franco Rodgers
DS: Alejandro Elijah Rodgers
DD: Whitney Mikaela Rodgers
DD/DS: Luisa Jane + Ricardo Bradley Rodgers
DD: Daniella Charlotte Rodgers
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I got those first initials from Steven Grant Rogers aka Captain America so thanks for that. ♥
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Surname: RothbauerParent: Stephen George Rothbauer
Parent #2: Marian Elizabeth RothbauerS/S: Justin Bernard & Stephen Thomas Rothbauer
D: Jacqueline Victoria Rothbauer
D: Natalie Alyssa Rothbauer
S: Christian Federick Rothbauer
S: Allen Edward Rothbauer
D: Wendy Marian Rothbauer
D/S: Leona Judith & Ryan Benjamin Rothbauer
D: Daphne Charlotte Rothbauer
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