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[Opinions] More unusual, interesting old Swedish names and combos
WDYT about these?FEMALE
Irma Cosette
Kordula Agnes Everilde
Stina Vina Angéa
Mariane Dusine Severine (dussin = dozen; so I guess she was child number 12!)
Agnes Evilda Borgnia
Evilla Adelaide
Evilone (I guess it was pronounced ev-i-LO-neh, but it would really be problematic in English!)
Majdy Elfhild Evilin
Bergljot Alvilde
Dagliv Alvilde (dag = day; liv = life)
Amore Eufrosume
Carmen Elly Amory Jethe
Turli Amorita Eufrosyne
Olga Hedvig Sofia Amora OskaraMALE
Budjonny Lenin (!)Does the sea exist
Because of our longing?

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Was Lenina names after Lenin? We’re her parents communists? Good grief. And Budjohnny Lenin? What?I like Irma Cosette and Auralia. What is the etymology behind Evilone? Is there some kind of Swedish meaning other than ... the obvious English one?
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Svenska Dödboken doesn't list people's parents, let alone people's political orientation, but I think it's pretty obvious their parents were communists, yes. During the early days of Soviet Union, people simply didn't have the facts. They didn't know that Soviet wasn't hunkydory and that people were deported and killed. They dreamed about a society without injustice and toil and really believed that communism would give them utopia.
Sweden used to be extremely poor with huge class differences. Only about 100 years ago, people starved. It's not so strange they hoped that communism would bring them happiness and justice.
Today we know it doesn't work, but they didn't know.No idea where Evilone comes from. Evilda is, I think, a rare female form of Evald. Evilone may be a variant of Evelina, perhaps?

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Hi Caprice!!!I love the combos Irma Cosette and Olga Hedvig!!
I'm also interested in Mariane Dusine Severine.
All these combos are elegant and cool as well. I also like some single names: Stina (a long-time Scandinavian fave), Eufrosyne, Bergljot, Dagliv, Lenina (after Lenin? It is nice) and Carmen.What about all these variant of Amore?
There is Amore, Amora, Amory, Amorose, Amorita...
Amore is "love" in Italian (via Latin) so I'm really surprised to see all this variants in Sweden...Was there a reason why?
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All the names are from Sveriges Dödbok, a digital database listing facts about every Swedish person who died between 1901 and (in the version I use) 2009. It's used by genealogists, archivists, etc.
The reason for all the "amore" names is simply that I searched for names beginning with "Amor". Then I got the names of every Swedish person who died between 1901 and 2009 and had a name beginning with Amor! So there have really just been a handful of them. If ou search for every Swedish person called Sven or Karin, for example, you get ten thousands of matches! Yes, Lenina is most certainly after Lenin.
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oh yes, Evilone would be problematic these days xDI like:
Elfhild (that sounds cute!)
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