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[Opinions] Some more unusual Swedish names (and combos)
All female, except when noted.Eva Amorina
Nilsie Konstance
Polly Mepthild Elisabet
Ian-Öije Herman Darling (Öije is pronounced UY-eh) (m)
Klarina Nancidina Albertina
Clarindo (m)
Clarina Louise Constanne
Blåsippa (Hepatica Nobilis, liverleaf, a beautiful flower)
Sol Maggie (sol = sun)
Bojny (BOY-nee)
Juvina Emelia
Rosenlill (little rose, approximately)
Lingonris (lingonberry shrub)
Ella PomonaDoes the sea exist
Because of our longing?

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Hi Caprice !!!This time I like these...Amorina (but not with Eva) far better than Amora or Amorita imo.Sixtina if it is after the Sistine Chapel it would be great!! Here Sistina was used the last time in 2006. It is a pity because it isn't the worst name we have here...Kissy like "kiss" in English?
It would be great on a manga character but on a real person..
I know a feminine name that is Kizzy (from the book "Roots" that I'm reading while I saw the miniseries of '77 and 2016 as well). I prefer Kizzy to Kissy because I know the character so it has a tie with my experience.Polly but not with the other names.
Far better than Molly and I don't seems a fairy name. If Tinkerbell would have a name I would use Polly.Blåsippa, Hepatica Nobilis, liverleaf here in Italy it is called with a lot of other names: erba trinità "trinity herb", anemone epatica "hepatic anemone", fegatella "livery, little liver" and trifoglio epatico "hepatic clover". I dislike all these names: liver is horrible tied with a flower, anemone is in the sea in my mind, clover is another plant and all the "hepatic-epatico" names reminds me the illness (hepatitis). Trinity is a religious-theme name so nobody would guess it is after a flower. So the only chance that it has is its Swedish name. Is Blåsippa a used name there? Is it tied with other Swedish words that makes it ususable or it has a namey sound (like Linnea or Kirsikka is Finnish)? Sol I love Sol after a Spanish girl in a soap opera. It could be very elegant and strong as well on the right person.Tensy prefer TansySidonia so cool! We have Lydia and Sebastian..why not Sidonia! Phoenicians were a great people.

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It's just nice that you write a lot and it's fun to learn Italian names of plants! I studied both Italian and Latin in school, but I never practice them.Sixtina was probably used for a sixth child, or perhaps they had expected a boy and wanted to name him Sixten. I've never seen Sixtina earlier, it's extremely rare here (Sixten is pretty common, though).Blåsippa is normally not used as a name, neither is Lingonris. We don't have many common plant names; those I can think of are Linnéa, Viola (from viol) and Rosa (from ros). I've seen more unusual flower names like Norna (Calypso bulbosa) and Pyrola (wintergreen), but they are very rare.

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