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[Opinions] More old unusual Swedish names (edited to add more)
All female except last one.Nomi Elfvira
Nomi Mangona
Nomi Sekunda Maria
Capri Nomie Margareta
Rosina Katorina
Aixa Batseba
Venny Senejda Batseba
Vasti Batseba Oskara
Vasti Cereline
Lavendela (lavendel = lavender)
Älvan ("the fairy", but can also be a play with the word for eleven, "elva")
Florence Megaelia Eliana
Yrby Allie Meggine
Meg Amy Dittan (Dittan may be a nn for Edit)
Sarit Lovina Terita
Liten Bror ("little brother")Does the sea exist
Because of our longing?

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I'm fond of Severina, Rosina, Batseva, Vasti Cereline, and Lavendela.
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I quite like Nomi - simple and easy to pronounce
& it's always good to see Vashti, however it's spelt.
Any info on Aixa or Yrby?
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Many forms of Naomi has been used in Sweden - Naimi, Naemi, Naima, Noomi, Nomi, Nåmi - although the name has never been fairly common. I think Nomi is very cute.
Vasti has been used as a Swedish form of Vashti, but compared to Ester, it has never become common.
The only thing I can find about Aixa is that it's an Asturian version of Aisha, but it seems unlikely that a Swedish woman would get a Muslim name. Maybe her father was a scholar?
No idea about Yrby. Yr means "dizzy" in Swedish, but you can also talk about "snöyra", blowing snow or a snowstorm, and "festyra", the frenzy of a party. By means village.
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