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[Opinions] Little brother for a Russian blue cat called Misha.
Hi guys! :) My family and I have two Russian blue cats at home now. Misha - who is almost three years old, and, since two days, a little 3-month-old kitten. Even before we got him we intended to call him Sasha, and this is how we call him now, however now some of us wonder whether it's really a good match with Misha. Maybe it's just that we're not used to it yet so it sounds strange, but we're looking for some alternatives to see if we can come up with a better name. We don't have any interesting ideas so far though, hence I'm asking you guys for help.
Please let me know what do you think about the Misha and Sasha set.
As for the new name, we would like it to be Russian, but if you have any ideas that match Misha and aren't Russian please share too. I guess it would be the best and the easiest to call him if it was two syllables long. Their breeder suggested that cats react the best to names that have the -ee sound in them, just like Misha, don't know if it's true, but I also like cute names with the -ee sound in them for pets so that would be nice if our little baby could have the name with the ee sound too. My Dad suggested Grisha, but it's way too similar to Misha, while my lil sis likes Ozzie a lot, which is a great name, but I and the others don't think it matches Misha well, we also considered Dima and Mitya and Nikita and Pyetya, they don't fit him at all and no one of us really likes any of those. Also, we're a Polish family, living in Poland and speaking Polish, so the name has to be easy to say for everyone of us. I know these are quite strict criteria so if you have just any alternative ideas to Sasha, they'd be all very welcome, even if he finally stays with the current name.
Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions. :)

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Thanks so much for all your answers! :)So we were thinking a bit more on the name for Misha's little brother. We all like Ilya and Yasha and finally we decided we'll try out Yasha. And although it flows so well with Misha, we finally came back to Sasha. 'Cause now it seems to really fit him - or maybe we just got used to it on him. :D And now all of us agree that Misha and Sasha is a really great set. Well my sister isn't so sure as she still wants to call him Ozzie, but she's very young so hopefully she'll grow to like Sasha too.
Anyway, thanks so much once again for all your suggestions, there are so many great ones among them that haven't even come to my mind earlier. So glad we finally agreed on something haha.
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I really like both Misha and Sasha, and I love Sasha on a boy. They're adorable for cats too, and because they're short, they're not too confusing for the cats (don't they say that pet names should be one/two syllables or did I dream that?).
I actually think Misha and Sasha are adorable together. But some other ideas are:Artyom / Artya
Mitya (Misha and Mitya is pretty cute)
Shura / Shurik (another form of Aleksandr/Sasha - Misha and Shura / Misha and Shurik are both cute)
Yasha / Yashik
Yefim / Fima
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I saw a Russian Blue in a TV program who was called Kilmowsky, and ever since then I've wanted to name a Russian Blue cat Kilmowsky. :-PAs for the other names you posted, I like Nikita the best for a cat (either gender).
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I think Sasha would be purrfect!When I was at uni, friends who shared a flat were adopted by a Russian Blue, and they named him Sasha "because", they explained "he's such a nice cat!"
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My vote is definitely for Nikita out of your choices. Or just Nika.I do like Sasha a lot(!) though and I have characters who are brothers named Misha and Sasha.
The actor Misha Collins also has a brother named Sasha.
So I think that probably goes together just fine.
But for other ideas, my top suggestion is Zhenya.
Some pronounce it ZHEN-yah and some pronounce it ZHAY-nya.Others I like to go with Misha:
Feodosiy (Or you can call him Fedya.)
Vanya (Though I can't say I'm a big fan of Ivan.)
Kolya (Okay, I love this.)
Vitaly / Vitya
Valya (from Valentin)And you could always choose something that rhymes with Sasha if you think you wanna stick with something similar.
Vasha (from Vasily or Sevastian)
But seriously, Zhenya. ♥ ♥

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Dima / Dimka?
Max / Maks / Maksi / Maksik? (sounds cute to me with Misha)
Alyosha nn Aly?
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