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[Facts] Hebrew name meaning 'song of God'
Hi !!!I'd like to know what name I can use to have this meaning.I know that 'song' in Hebrew is Shir (שיר) like in the Book: Song of Songs (Shir hasshrim). Shira (שִׁירָה) and Shiri (שׁירי) are used feminine names. And I would add the suffix -el.So the question is:
Shirel, Shirael or Shiriel.
Which would be the correct form for a boy and which one for a girl?Thank you in advance! :)

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In my amateur understanding of Hebrew, Shiriel would be unisex, meaning "song of/about/from God," just like Ariel is unisex in English. You could further feminize it to Shirielle (like Gabrielle), but "-elle" is a French, feminine, diminutive suffix used in place of the Hebrew "-el."(It sounds nice. We did the same kind of thing for our daughters.)
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