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[Opinions] These Russian names
WDYT? Not in any specific context (like, for an English child, or something other than for a Russian kid, just as names in general). I’ve been thinking about these a lot lately:
Sophia“For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been and there you will long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci
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The only one I like out of these is Maria. There are some lovely Russian female names, but none of these are my cup of tea.I know you haven't asked, but Russian names I like are:Polina
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I adore and would useAlexandra
SophiaI likeMaria - probably wouldn't use myself, but it's nice
Daria - I like the diminutive "Dasha" better
Vera - I like it as a nickname for Veronica
Valentina - again, probably wouldn't use it personally, but I like itI'm meh onTaisiya - it sounds like it could almost be a short form of Anastasia, but not quite
Tatiana - honestly I don't know why I don't like it much, because I'm usually all about -ana names
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Hi !!!I like some of these names but spelled differently: Aleksandra, Anastasiya, Vera and Tatjana. I would love to use Anastasia in real life!
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I adore Tatiana.
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Alexandra - Love it. One of my favourite names.
Anastasia - Not a fan. I don't like the sound of it or the nicknames for it either.
Taisiya - New to me. Not impressed with it.
Maria - Common and dull.
Daria - Maria's dull cousin .
Tatiana - It's grown on my in recent years due to my love of Romanov history and it being my great great grandmother's name.
Vera - Boring.
Valentina - Neutral. Not sure if I like or dislike it.
Sophia - Too common and boring.
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Alexandra: 5/5 I love this name!
Anastasia: 5/5 I love this name and the Russian Grand Duchess behind it.
Taisiya: 3/5 I like this name
Maria: 3/5 I prefer Marie.
Daria: 2/5 I don't really like this name.
Tatiana: 2.5/5 Eh, *shrugs shoulders*
Vera: 1/5 Ew.
Valentina: 2/5 Eh, *shrugs shoulders*
Sophia: 3.5/5 I prefer Sophie but I love this name too!

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