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[Opinions] Leon (Spanish Name) Nickname Ideas Anybody?
So, I genuinly love the name León, (spanish pronunciation), but I would like for him to have other nickname choices otjer than the obvious Leo.... any ideas?
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Leon is only two syllables, so he really doesn't need a nickname. Leonardo could have the nicknames Ardo, Leo, and Leon.
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I enjoy Lenny.I grew to favor this due to Lenny Rutledge -a Songwriter & Guitar Player from heavy metal band entitled Sanctuary. The name would have too many "old man" connotations for me to consider the form - but I saw the group in concert while I a teenager - and thought that both he and the other band members were "bad asses" of sorts (not really "partiers" or "rock-stars" - at least not Lenny) - and they were not sufficiently famous, to have such a lifestyle.
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