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[Opinions] Choose one - my favorite Hebrew names :)
Choose your favorite (some are unisex, I like them for a girl) and tell me why you like it :) You can also choose a least favorite or rank the names/rate them.Comments on all the names are very much appreciated :)Tamar
Mai (does anyone know what the Hebrew meaning of this it? Is it the month of May? I can't find the Hebrew meaning)
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I also like these:Comments on all the names are very much appreciated :)Noa-for a girl
Ariel-for a boy
Amit-for a boy
Shai-for a boy
Aviv-I prefer Aviva or Avivit for a girl, I like Aviv for a boy
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Shani, I love the meaning and the sound.
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Tamar - okay.
Noa - too popular, but okay.
Yael - I do not like it because of the amont of vowels.
Sara - very popular, I do not like it much.
Talia - very beautiful.
Roni - cute.
Romi - okay.
Ariel - Always reminds me of Arielle from Disney or Ariel Sharon. I like the sound, but would not use it.
Amit - very nice.
Shai - cute. I only know boys named Shai or Shay.
Eden - nah.
Mai - cute.
Rotem - I do not like its sound.
Shani - cute.
Aviv - I really like it.
Merav - I like it a lot.
Livna - beautiful.

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I like Shai, Shani, Eden and Talia best of this list.I like Meital, Avital , Lior /Liora and Liat.
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Talia is my favorite, closely followed by Tamar. Rotem is probably my least favorite.
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Gosh, how hated my name is. I would pick Eden or Talia because they aren't too common and sound well. Here are my overall ratings of all names
Sara:Sarah is my name and I cant rate my own name
Talia:9/10 Gorgeous
Ariel:4/10 Beautiful if it isnt for the Little Mermaid association
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Yael is one of my favorite Hebrew girl names, probably because we have a small cousin (6 yrs) that is very sweet with that name.
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Shani or Talia, Amit and Eden are nice though.
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Tamar - okay, nms
Noa - Lovely, it's an old fav of mine, but I liked it less after it got too popular in the Netherlands
Yael - meh
Sara - quite boring
Talia - okay, prefer Thalia
Roni - nms
Romi - nms
Ariel - too mermaid
Amit - doesn't sound feminine at all to my ears
Shai - okay, prefer it for a boy
Eden - nice
Mai - depending on how you pronounce it, I like it. I say this as MIE, not MAY.
Rotem - nms
Shani - doesn't sounds feminine to me
Aviv - Very much prefer Aviva for a girl, which I adore. I like the meaning of Aviv, but that doesn't sound feminine to me
Merav - I quite like this
Livna - lovelyMy favs would be Noa and Livna with Eden as the runner-up.
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Hi Perrine !!!!Cute, interesting list!!I found this: May (Mai) מַאי
May (the month). So I think it's a Modern name.Tamar 9/10 Tamara would be 10/10. I love this name since I was an early teenager.Noa 7/10 I love the singer Noa but the name along with Noah or Noach is overused.Yael 8/10 it's ok but not my first choice.Sara 5/10 boring! Boring! Boring!Talya (I prefer this spelling because Talia is the Italian for Thalia the Muse) 8/10 I like its simplicity. Roni 4/10 on a girl is bad imo.Romi 3/10 just a NN in my mind.Ariel 7/10 I also like Arielle and Ariela. I think that nowadays it goes well on a female too. But the risk of Disney association is high.

Amit 7.5/10 I like it. Simple and bright.Shai 3/10 on a girl? Neh.Eden 7.5/10 I like it and floral, botanical (garden) meanings are often feminine so..great.Mai 1/10 Sorry but "mai" means "never" here in Italy. Maia, May or Mei would be better.Rotem 4/10 I read the meaning but compared with others Is quite ugly.Shani* new for me. It is lovely!Aviv 4/10 ok but not my style.Merav 7.5/10 I like it! The V is far better than the B.Livna 8/10 great meaning and sound. Bright and clean.
...Best: Tamar, Livna, Shani, Talya and Yael.Worst: Mai and Romi.
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Tamar - I like the look and sound. It is womanly and strong, but the meaning is lackluster, and I don't particularly care for the Biblical character. She was less hypocritical than those around her, but she was definitely willing to use any means to achieve her ends.
Noa - Noah is very male to me. Just because a name ends with an 'a' does not make it feminine.
Yael - The story behind the name is cool although bloodthirsty.
Sara - pretty, but Sarah seems more classic.
Talia - okay
Roni - It would be cute as a nickname, but it seems incomplete and insubstantial on its own.
Romi - okay, but I prefer it as a nickname.
Ariel - The sound is nice and the meaning is powerful, but I still associate it with the Little Mermaid.
Amit - dislike
Shai - meh
Eden - It blends tradition and history with a contemporary sound and lovely meaning. I would consider using it as a middle name.
Mai (does anyone know what the Hebrew meaning of this it? Is it the month of May? I can't find the Hebrew meaning) - Are you sure it is Hebrew?
Rotem - It sounds like a computer part and rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM), is an established viscoelastic method for hemostasis testing in whole blood.
Shani - not my style
Aviv - Aviva is beautiful and has really grown on me. Aviv seems more word like.
Merav - nice
Livna- dislike the sound
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"Just because a name ends with an 'a' does not make it feminine."No, it doesn't, but Noa is feminine, traditionally. It's the pronunciation of Noah that's changed (from Noach) to coincide with the feminine name.
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Noah has traditionally been a masculine name in English speaking countries and is one of the most popular names for boys in the USA. When the Bible was translated, the pronunciation of Noah may have changed but that change occurred hundreds of years ago in countries that did not have a prior tradition of using Noa as a girls name. So yes, Noa is a traditional girl name in Israel, but neither the poster nor myself live in Israel. While Noa may have a separate feminine tradition in some countries, it comes across as a feminization of a trendy boys name in the US, where it does not have a history of distinctive use. When Joshua reached its heights of popularity, there were also a few female Joshuas, and similar patterns occurred with Joseph.

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Have you looked at the popularity charts for Noa? I can't say this is traditionally speaking a maculine name. It's unisex at best. And just look at Noah (, even THAT has been used as a feminine name in the Old Testament.
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Yes, I've looked at the charts. They are what I was referring to. The blue line shown in Noah(2) is boy usage. First charted for girls in 2014, so it definitely trendy rather than something with traditional use in this country.

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Maybe I was a bit unclear. I meant that Noa is really more popular for girls in most countries. Noah, I agree, gives of a more masculine vibe bc of its usage for boys, even though it strictly speaking isn't (acc. to the entry of Noah(2)). Noa without an -h can hardly be described as a masculine name turned feminine. Noa isn't even listed as a variant of Noah(1) and I thought the conversation was about Noa not Noah.
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If your point is just how it comes across in the US...A-ending names come across as feminine or unisex to some degree, in the US, whether you like it or not.I understand with Joshua, why someone wouldn't want it to be unisex, but I don't think Noa is a good example to use in the "boys' names are only for boys" argument.
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Noah has always sounded feminine to me and it is an improper translation. I just don't like it on boys and it was never a very common name in the English-speaking world until recently. To me, a boys name shouldn't end in an -a. I just don't find it to be a masculine sound, maybe this is why I dislike a good majority of Biblical Hebrew names translated into English. I love Noa on a girl and that is saying a lot as I hate the boys names on girls name trend.
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I am in the U.S., and know of a few Noa's that are girls, mostly Jewish or devout Christian families seem to use it.
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like: Noa, Talia, Tamar, Ariel, Amit, Shai, Merav
okay: Yael, Romi, Roni, Sara, Eden, Mai
nms: Rotem, Shani, Aviv, LivnaMy favorite for now is Noa. I like saying it, and it comes across as wholesome to me.
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Amit, because I know a cute little one! Roni is cute too, and I also like Ronit.
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