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[Facts] Diminutives for these Ukrainian names
I was wondering what the diminutives for these Ukrainian names are:Levko
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Levko is already a diminutive, as it contains the masculine diminutive suffix -ko (which is used in several Slavic languages): (in English)The same goes for Odarka, as it contains the feminine diminutive suffix -ka. Despite this, there are at least three known diminutives of it: Odarya, Odaronka and Odarochka. This is according to the Ukrainian Wikipedia article about the name Dariya: (in Ukrainian).As for the other names:• Maksym (this is the proper spelling, not Maxim): (in Ukrainian; mentions that Maksym has at least the following diminutives: Maks, Maksymko, Maksyuta, Maksyk, Makson)• Svitlana: (in Russian; mentions the following diminutives: Lana, Lanonka, Lanochka, Lanusya, Svitlanka, Svitlanochka, Svyeta and Svyetka)• Valentyn: (in Russian; lists Valechko, Valentynonko, Valentynochko, Valko, Valya and Valyk as diminutives for Valentyn)I hope that helps. :) Oh, and you might also want to educate yourself on Slavic diminutive suffixes: (in English; the Ukrainian ones aren't mentioned, but this should still be useful to you)
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Levko - not found any diminutives
Odarka - Daryna
Maxim - Maks
Svitlana - Sveta, Lana
Valentyn - Val, Tinhope i could help
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Thanks! :)
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Please can you tell me what the diminutives are for the names Sofia, Danylo and Oksana
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