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[Facts] bookshelf
Inspired by a recent question, here's a picture of my "offline" reference collection. The quality varies. Some have been used extensively, others never at all.

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If your bookshelf indicates interests - I personally recommend Finnegans Wake by James Joyce - and from which I quote:
"From the butts of Heber and Heremon, nolens volens, brood our pansies, brune in brume. There's a split in the infinitive from to have to have been to will be. As they warred in their big innings ease now we never shall know. Eat early earthapples. Coax Cobra to chatters. Hail, Heva, we hear! This is the glider that gladdened the girl^ that list to the wind that lifted the leaves that folded the fruit that hung on the tree that grew in the garden Gough gave".
If the above does not scream "heritage", I would not know a source to better match a similar set of interests.

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Impressive.For Biblical names, I would recommend The Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the [King James] Bible.It has Hebrew & Greek dictionaries in the back, which include the meanings of given names.I also like its on-line version,
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Please, in your own best interests, never invite me to spend a weekend with you! I'd still be there five years later ...
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