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[Facts] Hungarian Help?
Hello!I'm changing my legal name, and since my family comes from Hungrary, I would like to pick a Hungarian name.
I really like the name Remény, because it's a direct translation of the word hope. (sorta like naming your kid Joy or Hope in English)I was just curious, is there a short form of the name Remény? Remi, Remy, something like that?Any info would help! If anyone has some neat Hungarian girl names they could suggest, I would also be very thankful!Thank you so much :)
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I don't know if all these names are Hungarian but I know they are used by young Hungarian girls today:Imola, Leilani, Lilia, Lilla, Dalma, Dorina, Alma, Julianna, Tímea, VivienThese Hungarian names I personally like:Alida, Miléna, Anikó, Edina, Gizella, Ilona, Katalin, Katinka
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Thank you! Any other ideas would be much appreciated!
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