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[Games] Short Russian CAF
Note: For these names, you have an option to make them sound more Russian... in order to do this, they would have a first name, patronymic (which means son or daughter of fathers name) and last name, feminized or masculinezed based on person. Patronymics end in ovna or evna, or for a male Ivanovich or Nikitevich. If a surname ends in in, add a a to feminize. If it ends in sky, change it to skaya (Veselovskaya).Olga Ivanovna Smirova (Ivanova)
Ivan Ivanovich IvanovWho have two kids, Sofia and Nikita.Sofia Ivanovna Ivanova
Nikita Ivanovich IvanovDW: Adrasteya, Anastasiya, Aleksandra, Anna, Afina, Anfisa (Nikolai, Nikita, Aleksander, Mikhail, Ivan, Vladimir)
DH: Nikita, Adam, Mark, Gavril, Pavel, Yemelyan, Iosif (same name as his dad)DD: Yelizaveta, Yekaterina, Emiliya, Yeva, Roza, Raisa
DD: Nina, Yanina, Irina, Julia, Alisa, Yeseniya
DS: Timur, Shamil, Filip, Devid, Vladlen, Dorofei

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DW: Anna Nikolaievna [Aleksandrova] Yemelyanova
DH: Adam Adamovich YemelyanovDD: Emiliya Adamovna Yemelyanova
DD: Yeseniya Adamovna Yemelyanova
DS: Vladlen Adamovich Yemelyanov
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DW: Aleksandra Mikhailovna Petrova
DH: Gavril Gavrilovich KozlovDD: Emiliya Gavrilovna Kozlova
DD: Irina Gavrilovna Kozlova
DS: Timur Gavrilovich KozlovAleksandra & Gavril; Emiliya, Irina, and Timur
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DW: Anastasiya Mihailovna Solomonova {Zhidkova}
DH: Pavel Pavelovich SolomonovaDD: Roza Pavelovna Solomonova
DD: Alisa Pavelovna Solomonova
DS: Timur Pavelovich Solomonov

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DW: Anastasiya Aleksandrovna Petrova Andreeva
DH: Pavel Markovich AndreevDD: Yekaterina Pavlovna Andreeva
DD: Alisa Pavlovna Andreeva
DS: Timur Pavlovna AndreevNastya and Pasha Andreev: Katya, Alisa, Timur
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DW: Anna Aleksandrovna (Bunina) Popyrina
DH: Pavel Pavlovich PopyrinDD: Yeva Pavlovna Popyrina
DD: Julia Pavlovna Popyrina
DS: Filip Pavlovich Popyrin
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DH: Gavril Markovich Guryanov
DW: Aleksandra Mikhailovna {Krasnopyorova} GuryanovaDD: Emiliya Gavrilovna Guryanova
DD: Yeseniya Gavrilovna Guryanova
DS: Vladlen Garvilovich Guryanov
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DW: Adrasteya Nikitichna Zharykina
DH: Yemelyan Yemelyanovich Dunayevsky DD: Roza Yemelyanovna Dunayevskaya
DD: Alisa Yemelyanovna Dunayevskaya
DS: Timur Yemelyanovich Dunayevsky
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DW: Anastasiya Nikolaevna Demidov "Ana"
DH: Adam Alexandrovich DemidovDD: Yeva Adamevna Demidov "Evie"
DD: Yeseniya Adamevna Demidov
DS: Vladlen Adamovich Demidov "Vlad"
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DW: Aleksandra Nikitevna Smolina née Koskova
DH: Gavril Gavrilovich SmolinDD: Roza Gavrilevna Smolina
DD: Alisa Gavrilevna Smolina
DS: Timur Gavrilovich Smolin
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DW: Adrasteya Vladimirovna Lyova (Lebedeva)
DH: Nikita Nikitovich LyovDD: Roza Nikitovna Lyova
DD: Irina Nikitovna Lyova
DS: Filip Nikitovich Lyov
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