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[Surname] Flaversham
I don't know if this is a true surname, but when I read about Basil the Great Mouse Detective, the surname of the heroine Olivia is Flaversham. Does it have a meaning and if so, what is it?I haven't seen the movie yet, but did it have humans in it? I was playing a quiz on Sporcle which was to name the Disney Movies that don't have humans in them and I thought it would be there as after looking at images of the movie, they were all of mouse characters, but the movie wasn't on the list. Did it have humans and if so, where?
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My guess is that this a made-up name. It probably sounds genuine because it's so like an English place name. There is a place in Kent, England called Faversham, and though there doesn't appear to be a surname from that particular locality, the name is used as a surname by the author of the adventure story - also filmed - "The Four Feathers". The hero is called Harry Faversham.
So, a slight change, and a genuine sounding surname is born.
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