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[Opinions] New Puppy in 3.5 Weeks! Has to work in Czech
Okay, so my very specific name post earlier was to see how creative people would get with things that I think make a good call name for a dog. I like 2 syllable names for dogs with like, a hard letter in there for enunciation, like an D, T, R, etc. My family's had dogs for decades years, but this is our first time getting a puppy (we've always gotten older dogs before), so we actually get to pick a name this time. We like more human names for dogs and it has to be one that will still work with a Slavic accent (like Lola would be lo-la instead of LOW-la). Our last two dogs were named Borek and Dara. Some names that we mostly all agree on so far:Dakota (Daki)
LolaNames I like that we could consider:Aida
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Zorka, Sněžanka, Sněžka, Radka, Rada, Vesna, Věrka, Živa, Ruže, Mokoš, Šárka, Bohdanka, Božka, Blaža.
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Lisa, Snezhinka (not sure about the Czech spelling), Albina, Damka, Laika, Belka, Strelka, or Mushka

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I like Aida and Heidi. I hear Aida / Ajda quite often here. Heidi, not So much, but it's pretty and simple.Other ideas: Nella and Nelly work perfect in Czech. Also Dina (DIE-na or DI-na), Liza (LIE-za or LI-za), Teri, Fifi, Asta, Astra, Alma. Male names are harder. MMisha, probably? That works well in English and Czech. Ivo (I-vo or EE-vo), Erik, Alex, Bruno, Alim, Akim, Aron. A names with Hebrew or Arabic origin are popular with Czech dog owners for some reason.
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Dasha or Sasha or Valentina or Sienna or Sofia or Bella
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Aww. Mirka is cute! I vote that.
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What about the Czech form of a Greek/Scandi/Roman myth name? I'm thinking Daphne/Hero/Loki/Freya/Apollo/Zeus/Titan/Orion. Human but not super common.
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