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[Opinions] Top 20 Czech Names of 2019 (and rank changes)
The Czech equivalent of the SSA stopped posting their name rankings a couple of years ago (for legal, privacy reasons?) but articles still come out with just the top 20 names each year (with rank changes!)Girls:
1 Eliška (0) (going strong for 5 years in a row, before Tereza was #1 9 years in a row 2003-2011, with one time being Anna)
2 Anna (0) (2 years in a row)
3 Adéla (+4)
4 Tereza (+1)
5 Sofie (-2)
6 Viktorie (+2)
7 Ema (-3)
8 Karolína (-2)
9 Natálie (0)
10 Amálie (+3)
11 Julie (+1)
12 Kristýna (-2)
13 Barbora (+6)
14 Nela (0)
15 Laura (+3)
16 Klára (+1)
17 Emma (+2)
18 Anežka (-3)
19 Rozálie (new)
20 Sára (new)
1 Jakub (0) (#1 11 times out of the last 16 years, but every few years Jan won out)
2 Jan (0) (#1 5 years in the last 16, consistent #2 every year that Jakub was #1)
3 Tomáš (+2) (#3 for 14 years, only dethroned in 2018 and 2017)
4 Matyáš (0)
5 Adam (-2)
6 Filip (+2)
7 Vojtěch (-1)
8 Lukáš (+6)
9 Martin (+3)
10 Matěj (-3)
11 Ondřej (-2)
12 Daniel (-1)
13 David (0)
14 Dominik (-4)
15 Antonín (+2)
16 Michal (new)
17 Petr (new)
18 Štěpán (new)
19 Tobiáš (+1)
20 Marek (-5)These were posted by the Czech Statistical Committee on Twitter last year

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Thanks for sharing these lists! Too bad they're not releasing the whole Top 100, that would be more interesting.
I'm surprised to see Adéla rank at #3. It already feels dated to the 90s / early 00s so I'd think parents would be tired of it. Same with Lukáš, that feels even older (but maybe it's rising because Lucas is getting popular worldwide).
I'd guess Laura would rank higher, I hear it everywhere.
Nice to see Martin back in Top 10, I love it though it's so common.My favorites are Anna, Tereza, Viktorie, Kristýna, Jan, Tomáš, Martin, David, Michal and Štěpán (the one I'd use are Anna, Tomáš, Martin and Štěpán).
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I'm Polish, so it's interesting to compare trends with my neighbours. I'm surprised to see Nela rank so high, it feels very much like a nickname to me. And I'm soooo bored of Jakub. I never saw the appeal, it sounds boorish. Vojtěch is a surprise - Wojciech is considered quite dated here, I only know one who's around my age.
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Right? I agree with Nela––I feel like it's a silly name, like from a few nursery rhymes. And definitely sounds like a nickname. Vojtěch also seems a little dated to me, but I guess people are using it again? But rn the names that are considered waaay more dated in the CZ are like Rostislav, Vítěslav, Jaromír. I don't even think anyone is naming kids Cyril either (might be because of the holiday)
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I'm Czech. I would like prefer old-fashioned names, like Vlastislav, Drahomíra, Rostislav (I luv him ever).
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So Eliska a stand alone? I like Adela, Klara, Jan and Dominik.
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