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[Opinions] Finnish BAs
Parents' names are in parentheses.*Otso Johannes Valio, sister Kerttu (Laura and Juha-Matti)
Santeri Olavi (Annukka and Samuli)Lea Vellamo, brother Einar (Merja and Lennart)
Line Linnea, sister Ebba (Mikaela and Sami)
Ellen Helen (Iina and Erik)
Alva Elise (Niina and Tapani)
Iris Elisabet, sister Erin (Noora and Henri)
Amalia Eleonora (Oona and Jukka)
Sofia Johanna, brothers Oliver and Oscar (Kiia and Heikki)
Pihla Saima Matilda, sister Peppi (Minna and Samppa)
Monna Margareta, brother Mauno (Hanna and Juha-Pekka)Joel Benjamin & Oliver Alex (Hannele and Juho)
Axel Emil & Noel Alfred, sister Isabel (Lotta and Jean)*Names that are not in the database:Valio:
Kiia: known as Remora L.
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Amalia Eleonora and Pihla Saima Matilda are lovely. I also like Lea Vellamo - it's a bit mismatched combo, but the simpleness of Lea compliments the more romantic Vellamo.I can't understand Ellen Helen's parents. Even if we ignore that they are basically the same name, WHY do these parents want to give their child a rhyming name???? I have a rhyming name myself (and I have been so annoyed because of it!) but at least my first and middle name aren't related.
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Ellen and Helen don’t rhyme in Swedish (and I don’t think they do in Finnish either). The e:s in Helen are long, so more like hee-lee-n.
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I love Iris Elisabet! Lea Vellamo is nice as well.
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Hi Uilos / Remora !!!I like:Otso Johannes (without Valio)
Lea Vellamo
Alva (without Elise)
Iris Elisabet
Oliver and Oscar (but not as siblings)
IsabelEinar is my favourite name. Can you give me your personal opinion on it? And an opinion based on your Finnish background?

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Einar is a nice name: not a one I would necessarily use myself, but it doesn't offend me in any way. It seems that this Einar's father has Fenno-Swedish or otherwise Scandinavian background (based on the name Lennart): otherwise I would have been a bit surprised that they didn't use the more Finnish form Einari (

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Lea Vellamo, Iris Elisabet, Amalia Eleonora, and Axel Emil are very pretty! I'm a bit less convinced by Line Linnea and Ellen Helen though.
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Yes, I was flabbergasted by Line Linnea and Ellen Helen: didn't the parents notice how similar names they had picked? Especially Ellen Helen annoys me since Ellen is basically another form of Helen...
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