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[Opinions] Punny Twin Names
I'm reading Every Heart a Doorway. Two characters are twins, Jacqueline and Jillian. They go by Jack and Jill. Parents were jerks.It got me to thinking abour in other pun names.Dawn and Eve
River and Skye
What pairs can you come up with?

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I once heard of a set of twins, boy and girl, called Bue and Pil. Both legit names in Danish, but together they’re ridiculous since they mean Bow and Arrow. I’ve also heard of brothers, Dan and Mark, which is super lame in a Danish context since we call our country Danmark.

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Shiloh and Harlow - shallow and hollow, too subtle?
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Atticus & Tacitus - they're anagrams and have similar vibes.
Bisera & Margarita - same meaning.
Bogdan & Teodor - same meaning.

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I genuinely know of brothers Robert and Ernest. Their parents intended for them to be Bert and Ernie, but they're Robbie and Ernie (I think they're eleven?)
April and May
Miles and Atlas
Robin and Huda
Diana and Ross
Siena and Florence
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I'm looking for actual puns and obvious jokes Jack & Jill, Bert & Ernie, Liv and Di, Dawn and Eve. Things non name nerds would get
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The names girls are River and Glacier
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Olivia and Diana "Liv and Di"
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I love this! This would be great for sitcom characters.
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Haha, lol
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Well done
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Luna and Soleil
Chip and Dale (or something like Christopher "Chip"?)
Zenith and Nadir
Fleur and Leif
Winter and Summer
Misty and Rain
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Yvonne and YvetteI guess

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Misty and StormyI am related to twins named Misty and Stormy.

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