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[Opinions] Russian friendly "heavenly"/sky-related names?
Hey... So i got a character who is a witch, and i'm renaming her. Last time i went with Anastasiya (Going by Nastya, sometimes Asya) And i like the names, but it doesn't fit her much (plus someone pointed out it's a stereotypical name). Can anyome help me?
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Common:Vera - faith
Nadezhda - hope
Angelina - pronounced with hard g
Svetlana - light Rare:

Zinaida - Zeus's daughter
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- Alyona (which means "bright and shining light" according to nameberry)
- Annushka (grace or favor)
- Doroteya (God's gift/gift of God)
- Katinka (pet form of Ekaterina/Katerina - pure)
- Nadenka (hope)
- Olga (blessed, holy)
- Yelena (bright, shining one)
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Alyona is really pretty but i think it's a bit strong for her. I really like Doroteya and Nadenka, i'll put them in my list :) Olga is pretty but it's her mom's name ahah
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Be careful with names that end in "consonant + -ka". Usually they are pet forms that are NEVER used as independent full names.
Doroteya is very archaic.

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How about:
Lyutsiya (Russian form of Lucia)
Yelena (very common, though; but most of the names in Russian we knew from literature are "stereotypical" I'd say)

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Ohh i love Anzhelika, def on the top of my list! I feel like Ariadna has a little too many a's if that make sense... Lyutsiya is really pretty, but i'm not sure how i feel about Yelena
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I think Yelena is "friendly" and links to "heaven" or "sky". Lena is also good, if you want to use Selena.
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It is not really a stereotypical name, it is also really popular in Greece and many other countries. I'd say it is common in Russia but I wouldn't automatically associate it with the country. I prefer Anastasia and I like the full name and Asya (which is not so common as a nickname) but dislike Nastya (which is super common). Serafina or Seraphina? It is the name of a witch in "His Dark Materials" and related to angels, spelled Serafina in the book. Instead you could also use Serafima or Seraphine or Serafine.Also:Celeste
LunaYou could also create a name like Evaluna or something like that. For a witch character that might be fun.
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I think Angelica (or the russian verion Anzhelika) suits her quite well :) Selena, too, might work well (has the perfect length) Obsessed with Celine but i'm not sure how that'd go in russian (i've noticed that a great part of feminine names end with an -a) I like Serafina but it makes me think of my cousin's deceased pet deer (RIP)

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If your character is Russian, then use "Serafima" instead of "Serafina".There are "Tselina" (sounds very Polish in Russian, though) and "Selina" in Russian (both are not common) if you like Celine and Selena.
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