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[Opinions] Which names make good twin combos
Male and female twins. Also thought and opinions are greatly appreciated
Male name : Jack , Jackson , Brooks , Elias, Leo , Kash , Blake , Ethan
Female names: Amelia , Delia , Norah , Penelope , Adeline , Mia , Caroline , Olivia
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Elias Blake would be my choice for the male name. I really like Elias and you don't hear it much. The other male names are trendy and common.
For the girl...Norah Penelope
Delia CarolineI think I like Norah Penelope the best.
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On your boy list, I don't mind Leo though I don't like it enough to consider using it. I love Jack as a nn for John, but not as a stand-alone. Brooks means 'pants' where I live. Elias and Ethan sound whiney to me. I dislike surnames as given names, which eliminates Jackson and Blake. Kash is beyond dreadful.I love Caroline, Penelope and Norah; Olivia is beautiful but too popular. Adeline has pronunciation issues. Amelia, with that whiney ME-E-E sound, puts me right off: Emily is popular but would be much better. Delia is OK; Mia is trite but also very popular - two strikes against it.So, for a combo I'd consider Leo and Norah or Leo and Penelope. Leo and Caroline seem to share too many sounds.
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Jack and Amelia
Leo and Penelope
Brooks and CarolineDelia and Norah
Amelia and Caroline
Delia and AdelineBlake and Ethan
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Blake and Amelia
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Jack and Amelia
Elias and Olivia
Leo and Mia
Ethan and Adeline
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The only names I liked out of them are Elias and Delia. All the others are too common, extremely overuse, and trendy. It isn't that they aren't pretty but it stinks being one of 5 in your class with the same name.
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Jack and Blake, Jack and Ethan, Jackson and Blake, Jack and Leo
Amelia and Penelope, Amelia and Olivia, Amelia and Caroline, Penelope and Adeline, Penelope and Caroline
Jack and Olivia or Amelia
Jackson and Amelia or Olivia
Elias and Penelope or Adeline or Caroline or Olivia
Leo and Amelia or Penelope or Adeline or Caroline or Olivia
Blake and Amelia or Penelope or Adeline, Caroline or Olivia
Ethan and Amelia, Penelope, Adeline, Caroline, Olivia
I like these names, not the others

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Amelia and Elias
Norah and Caroline
Leo and Jackson
Brooks and Penelope
Blake and Mia
Jack and Adeline

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