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[Games] Danish Combo CAF (1898-1930)
There's a national Danish site where, if the relatives of a deceased person permits it, there will be a death announcement put up, so anyone anywhere can see it and I've finally figured out how to search for specific birth years, so I could make accurate and more diverse combo CAFs since any popularity lists of single names couldn't give me names to create those more diverse ones. I searched between some specific birth years (Parents: 1900-1920 / Kids: 1920-1930) and noted down nearly every combos I came across until I had the amount I needed, first used my city, and then some others.* The only personal combo I used was the very first combo choice for DD1, Lydia Ragnhild, who was my paternal grandmother and born in February 1918 and who passed away in the summer of 2018, about 6 months after passing her 100th birthday.Oh, if you want to add a few more children past the last one, feel free to do so and use unused combos, even if the kid(s) are born early into the 1930s since names wouldn't have changed that much then. You can also give a previous kid a twin/etc if you want and use any unused combos for that. I hope I've not confused anyone, so without any further stuff to add...Have fun! :)*Lastnames: Jensen, Hansen, Andersen, Nielsen, Rasmussen, Petersen, Pedersen, Frederiksen, Knudsen, SvendsenDH [1898]: Laurids Peder, Lorents Marius, Jens Laurits, Peder Kristian, Svend Erik, Niels Peder, Søren Frederik, Carl Georg, Jens Tristan, Kristen Jesper
DW [1900]: Anna Louise, Karen Hansine, Kirsten Marie, Mary Andrea, Elisabeth Jensine, Jenny Magdalene, Anna Kirstine, Anna Marie, Anna Nielsine, Anna SørineDD1 [1918]: Lydia Ragnhild, Anna Kirstine, Ellen Margrethe, Kirsten Theodora, Emilie Kathrine, Inger Margrethe, Karen Kirstine, Nina Agnethe, Christa Kathrine, Aase Johanne
DS1 [1919]: Carl Gustav, Ejnar Gunner, Knud Andreas, Kurt Henning, Osvald Thyge, Svend Erik, Jens Kristian, Thorvald Peder, Emil Andreas, Anders Kristian
DS2 [1921]: Poul Andreas, Arne Jacob, Niels Sigfred, Karl Edvard, Villy Bjarne, Niels Lorents, Niels Ole, Jens Christian, Niels Erik, Oluf Henry
DD2 [1924]: Anna Louise, Emmy Elisa, Agnes Cathrine, Kristine Marie, Marie Amalie, Jenny Andrea, Karen Kirstine, Jenny Mathilde, Valborg Camilla, Anna Jensine

Top 3 Names:
Nikita, Amelia, & Teresa
Elliott, Bastian, & Nathan
Top 2 Combos:
Nikita Celestine Zenobia
Elliott Hawthorne Maximus
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DH [1898]: Jens Laurits Rasmussen
DW [1900]: Anna Louise Rasmussen (née Svendsen)DD1 [1918]: Ellen Margrethe Rasmussen
DS1 [1919]: Kurt Henning Rasmussen
DS2 [1921]: Jens Christian Rasmussen
DD2 [1924]: Kristine Marie Rasmussen
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DH [1898]: Peder Kristian Jensen
DW 1900]: Mary Andrea [Hansen] Jensen
DD1 1918]: Emilie Kathrine Jensen
DS1 [1919]: Anders Kristian Jensen
DS2 [1921]: Niels Lorents Jensen
DD2 1924]: Anna Louise Jensen
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LN: SvendsenDH: Søren Frederik Svendsen
DW: Elisabeth Jensine Svendsen (née Nielsen)DD: Emilie Kathrine
DS: Carl Gustav
DS: Niels Erik
DD/DD: Marie Amalie & Anna Louise
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Lastnames: Svendsen DH [1898]: Jens Laurits Svendsen
DW [1900]: Anna Nielsine Svendsen DD1 [1918]: Lydia Ragnhild Svendsen
DS1 [1919]: Thorvald Peder Svendsen
DS2 [1921]: Niels Ole Svendsen
DD2 [1924]: Emmy Elisa Svendsen
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DH: Søren Frederik Rasmussen
DW: Elisabeth Jensine Rasmussen, née Knudsen DD1: Lydia Ragnhild Rasmussen
DS1: Osvald Thyge Rasmussen
DS2: Niels Erik Rasmussen
DD2: Valborg Camilla Rasmussen
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DH [1898]: Peder Kristian Svendsen
DW [1900]: Karen Hansine Svendsen (nee Rasmussen)DD1 [1918]: Aase Johanne Svendsen
DS1 [1919]: Anders Kristian Svendsen
DS2 [1921]: Karl Edvard Svendsen
DD2 [1924]: Emmy Elisa SvendsenPeder & Karen Svendsen: Aase, Anders, Karl, & Emmy
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DH [1898]: Svend Erik Rasmussen
DW [1900]: Anna Sørine NielsenDD1 [1918]: Lydia Ragnhild Rasmussen
DS1 [1919]: Thorvald Peder Rasmussen
DS2 [1921]: Niels Sigfred Rasmussen
DD2 [1924]: Valborg Camilla Rasmussen
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Lastnames: RasmussenDH [1898]: Kristen Jesper
DW [1900]: Elisabeth JensineDD1 [1918]: Emilie Kathrine
DS1 [1919]: Carl Gustav
DS2 [1921]: Niels Ole
DD2 [1924]: Anna Louise
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DH [1898]: Niels Peder Frederiksen
DW [1900]: Anna Louise [Rasmussen] FrederiksenDD1 [1918]: Emilie Kathrine Frederiksen
DS1 [1919]: Anders Kristian Frederiksen
DS2 [1921]: Oluf Henry Frederiksen
DD2 [1924]: Jenny Mathilde Frederiksen
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DH [1898]: Carl Georg Knudsen
DW [1900]: Anna Sørine née FredriksenDD1 [1918]: Anna Kristine Knudsen
DD2 [1919]: Carl Gustav Knudsen
DS2 [1921]: Arne Jacob Knudsen
DD2 [1924]: Jenny Mathilde Knudsen
DS3 [1926]: Kurt Henning Knudsen
DS4 [1927]: Osvald Thyge Knudsen
DD3 [1934]: Inger Margrethe Knudsen
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DH [1898] Peder Kristian Svendsen
DW [1900] Elisabeth Jensine {Rasmussen} SvendsenDD [1918] Kirsten Theodora Svendsen
DS [1919] Emil Andreas Svendsen
DS [1921] Jens Christian Svendsen
DD [1924] Anna Louise Svendsen
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DH [1898]: Peder Kristian Svendsen
DW [1900]: Kirsten Marie (Hansen) SvendsenDD1 [1918]: Lydia Ragnhild Svendsen
DS1 [1919]: Emil Andreas Svendsen
DS2 [1921]: Niels Erik Svendsen
DD2 [1924]: Marie Amalie Svendsen
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Great names!DH [1898]: Lorents Marius Pedersen
DW [1900]: Jenny Magdalene HansenDD1 [1918]: Lydia Ragnhild Pedersen
DS1 [1919]: Carl Gustav Pedersen
DS2 [1921]: Oluf Henry Pedersen
DD2 [1924]: Agnes Cathrine Pedersen
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DH [1898]: -- Svend Erik Nielsen
DW [1900]: -- Elisabeth Jensine FrederiksenDD1 [1918]: -- Lydia Ragnhild Nielsen
DS1 [1919]: -- Emil Andreas Nielsen
DS2 [1921]: -- Jens Christian Nielsen
DD2 [1924]: -- Valborg Camilla Nielsen
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DH [1898]: Lorents Marius Svendsen
DW [1900]: Elisabeth Jensine [Knudsen] Svendsen DD1 [1918]: Kirsten Theodora Svendsen
DS1 [1919]: Knud Andreas Svendsen
DS2 [1921]: Niels Lorents Svendsen
DD2 [1924]: Valborg Camilla Svendsen
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I really enjoyed this!DH [1898]: Lorents Marius Nielsen
DW [1900]: Anna Kirstine Pedersen DD1 [1918]: Inger Margrethe Nielsen
DS1 [1919]: Knud Andreas Nielsen
DS2/DD2 [1921]: Karl Edvard Nielsen / Lydia Ragnhild Nielsen
DD3 [1924]: Jenny Mathilde Nielsen
DS3 [1929]: Carl Gustav Nielsen
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