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[Games] Danish generation CAF 1850-? (round 2-?)
Round 1:'s time to name the family of DS1.Last names: We're at the turn of the 19th century and heading into the 20th century, and this is where things on the LN front begin to change and the 'old ways' of naming begins to be outfaced. Daughters will be given the same last names as their fathers, brother(s), and, eventually, their mother's as the wives will take their husbands LN's and their own will be changed too, if they so wanted, for a similar family pattern on the whole name front. So...If the LN you, in round 1, for DW used were:
- Jensdatter, it'll become Jensen
- Hansdatter. it'll become Hansen
- Andersdatter, it'll become Andersen
- Ottosdatter, it'll become Ottosen
- Albertsdatter, it'll become AlbertsenIt is up to you, whether you want to actually change the structure of DWs maiden name, or keep it as her new maiden name while taking the LN of her husband's. I've given you that option for DS1's DW too in the 'namebanks' for her maiden name.Middle names: Again very much optional, whether you'll want to give them MN's or not.Also, if you didn't see my ETA for DD2s birth year in round 1, I did an ETA note in that round, so please make the changes. Anyway, it is onto round 2. Have fun! (I hope I'm doing this correctly, first Gen CAF of this kind, with multiple rounds. *crosses fingers*)*DS1 [1875]:
-DW [1877]: Jensine, Maja, Else, Anna, Birgitte, Ellen, Jenny, Marie, Magdalene, Anne, Kirstine [Knudsdatter OR Knudsen, Mariusdatter OR Mariusen, Sørensdatter OR Sørensen, Eriksdatter OR Eriksen, Ankersdatter OR Ankersen, Ingvarsdatter OR Ingvarsen]
-DD1 [1897]: Jensine, Maja, Else, Anna, Birgitte / Mother's FN {LN - Father's LN}
-DD2 [1900]: Anna, Louise, Karen, Hansine, Kirsten / GMs FN {LN - Father's LN}
-DS1 [1903]: Søren, Frederik, Anker, Svend, Otto / Father's FN
-DS2 [1907]: Peter, Marius, Laurits, Kristian, Niels /GFs FN

Top 3 Names:
Nikita, Amelia, & Teresa
Elliott, Bastian, & Nathan
Top 2 Combos:
Nikita Celestine Zenobia
Elliott Hawthorne Maximus
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DH [1852]: Peder Marius Nielsen
DW [1855]: Kirsten Elisabeth HansdatterDS1 [1875]: Peder Wilfred Nielsen "Peder den yngre"
- DW [1877]: Magdalene Ellen (Ingvarsdatter) Nielsen
-- DD1 [1897]: Anna Magdalene Nielsen
-- DD2 [1900]: Louise Kirsten Nielsen
-- DS1 [1903]: Frederik Peder Nielsen
-- DS2 [1907]: Marius Ingvar Nielsen (I chose to interpret "grandfather" as being Magdalene's father to avoid Marius having the same MN as Frederik!)DD1 [1877]: Signe Marie Pedersdatter
DD2 [1889]: Thea Frederikke Pedersdatter
DD3 [1891]: Maja Birgitte Pedersdatter
DS2 [1894]: Søren Lauritz Nielsen
DS3 [1896]: Gustav Otto NielsenPeder & Kirsten: Peder, Signe, Thea, Maja, Søren, Gustav
- Peder & Magdalene: Anna, Louise, Frederik, Marius
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DH [1852]: Laurits Svend Møller
DW [1855]: Elisabeth Hansine Ottosdatter DS1 [1875]: Laurits Wilfred Møller {called "Laurits, den yngre"}
-DW [1877]: Magdalene Birgitte Møller [Sørensen]
-DD1 [1897]: Else Magdalene Møller
-DD2 [1900]: Louise Elisabeth Møller
-DS1 [1903]: Søren Laurits Møller
-DS2 [1907]: Niels Laurits Møller
DD1 [1877]: Anna Signe Lauritssdatter
DD2 [1879]: Sigrid Frederikke Lauritssdatter
DD3 [1881]: Maja Elisabeth Lauritssdatter
DS2 [1884]: Frederik Albert Møller
DS3 [1886]: Otto Søren Møller
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DH [1852]: Erik Bonde “Erik
DW [1855]: Mary [Andersdatter] Bonde “MaryDS1 [1875]: Erik Bonde “Erik den yngre"
DD1 [1877]: Mary Eriksdatter “Mary
DD2 [1879]: Olivia Eriksdatter “Olivia
DD3 [1881]: Birgitte Eriksdatter “Birgitte
DS2 [1884]: Frederik Bonde “Frederik
DS3 [1886]: Georg Bonde “GeorgErik & Mary Bonde: Erik, Mary, Olivia, Birgitte, Frederik, & Georg
DS1 [1875]: Erik Bonde “Erik den yngre"
-DW [1877]: Ellen Maja [Knudsen] Bonde “Ellen
-DD1 [1897]: Else Ellen Bonde “Else
-DD2 [1900]: Karen Mary Bonde “Karen
-DS1 [1903]: Otto Erik Bonde “Otto
-DS2 [1907]: Peter Erik Bonde “PeterErik & Ellen Bonde: Else, Karen, Otto, & Peter
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DH [1852]: Peter Bonde
DW [1855]: Anna JensdatterDS1 [1875]: Peter Gustav Bonde
-DW [1877]: Marie Knudsdatter Bonde
-DD1 [1897]: Else Marie Bonde
-DD2 [1900]: Kristen Anna Bonde
-DS1 [1903]: Frederik Gustav Bonde
-DS2 [1907]: Marius Peter BondeDD1 [1877]: Elisabeth Petersdatter
DD2 [1879]: Olivia Petersdatter
DD3 [1881]: Maja Petersdatter
DS2 [1884]: Erik Bonde
DS3 [1886]: Søren BondePeter & Anna; Peter den yngre, Elisabeth, Olivia, Maja, Erik, and Søren
Peter den yngre & Marie; Else, Kristen, Frederik, and Marius
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DH [1852]: Svend Marius Møller
DW [1855]: Mary Elisabeth Møller (nee Jensen)DS1 [1875]: Svend Ingvar Møller “Svend the Younger”
-DW [1877]: Jenny Maja Møller (nee Ankersen)
-DD1 [1897]: Anna Jenny Møller
-DD2 [1900]: Hansine Mary Møller
-DS1 [1903]: Anker Svend Møller “Ank”
-DS2 [1907]: Kristian Svend MøllerDD1 [1877]: Anna Marie Svendsdatter
DD2 [1879]: Frederikke Sørine Svendsdatter
DD3 [1881]: Jensine Else Svendsdatter
DS2 [1884]: Anker Niels Møller
DS3 [1886]: Frederik Knud MøllerSvend & Mary Møller : Svend, Anna, Frederikke, Jensine, Anker, & Frederik
Svend & Jenny Møller: Anna, Hansine, Ank, & Kristian
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DH [1852]: Jens Petersen
DW [1855]: Kirsten AndersdatterDS1 [1875]: Jens Ingvar Petersen "Jens, den yngre"
DD1 [1877]: Signe Jenssdatter
DD2 [1879]: Frederikke Jenssdatter
DD3 [1881]: Maja Jenssdatter
DS2 [1884]: Svend Petersen
DS3 [1886]: Søren Petersen---DS1 [1875]: Jens Ingvar Petersen "Jens, den yngre"
-DW [1877]: Maja Birgitte Eriksdatter -DD1 [1897]: Jensine Maja Petersen
-DD2 [1900]: Louise Kirsten Petersen
-DS1 [1903]: Søren Jens Petersen
-DS2 [1907]: Marius Jens Petersen
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DH: Erik Nielsen
DW: Elisabeth OttosdatterDS: Erik Otto "Erik, den yngre"
DD: Elisabeth Signe (Eriksdatter)
DD: Sigrid Anne (Eriksdatter)
DD: Marie Birgitte (Eriksdatter)
DS: Lauritz Niels
DS: Søren IngvarDH: Erik Otto Eriksen "Erik, den yngre"
DW: Magdalene Anne Eriksen (née Ingvarsdatter)DD: Birgitte Magdalene
DD: Louise Elisabeth
DS: Svend Otto (used father’s MN so that the two sons wouldn’t both be named Erik)
DS: Niels Erik
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DH [1852]: Peter Nielsen
DW [1855]: Anna OttosdatterPeter & Anna || Peter den Yngre, Mary, Anne, Elisabeth, Albert, and OttoDS1 [1875]: Peter Nielsen
DD1 [1877]: Mary Petersdatter
DD2 [1879]: Anne Petersdatter
DD3 [1881]: Elisabeth Petersdatter
DS2 [1884]: Albert Nielsen
DS3 [1886]: Otto Nielsen* * *DS1 [1875]: Peter Nielsen
DW [1877]: Maja KnudsenPeter & Maja || Anna, Louise, Frederik, and MariusDD1 [1897]: Anna Maja Nielsen
DD2 [1900]: Louise Anna Nielsen
DS1 [1903]: Frederik Peter Nielsen
DS2 [1907]: Marius Peter Nielsen
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DH [1852]: Marius Møller
DW [1855]: Karen AndersdatterDS1 [1875]: Marius Møller "Marius, den yngre"
DD1 [1877]: Ingeborg Mariussdatter
DD2 [1879]: Sigrid Mariussdatter
DD3 [1881]: Anna Mariussdatter
DS2 [1884]: Søren Møller
DS3 [1886]: Frederik Møller***DS1 [1875]: Marius Møller "Marius, den yngre"
-DW [1877]: Jensine [Sørensdatter] Møller-DD1 [1897]: Birgitte Jensine Møller
-DD2 [1900]: Louise Karen Møller
-DS1 [1903]: Anker Marius Møller
-DS2 [1907]: Laurits Marius Møller
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DS1 [1875]: Marius Wilfred Bonde "Marius, den yngre"
-DW [1877]: Magdalene Else (Ankersen) Bonde-DD1 [1897]: Jensine Magdalene Bonde
-DD2 [1900]: Kirsten Elisabeth Bonde
-DS1 [1903]: Frederik Marius Bonde
-DS2 [1907]: Niels Marius Bonde
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DH [1852]: Laurits Erik Bonde
DW [1855]: Anna Jensine (Jensdatter) BondeDS1 [1875]: Laurits Gustav "Laurits the Younger" Bonde
DD1 [1877]: Margrethe Anna Lauritssdatter
DD2 [1879]: Sigrid Alma Lauritssdatter
DD3 [1881]: Jensine Maya Lauritssdatter
DS2 [1884]: Søren Erik Bonde
DS3 [1886]: Knud Wilfred Bonde***
DS1 [1875]: Laurits Gustav "Laurits the Younger" Bonde
-DW [1877]: Birgitte Magdalene (Sørensen) Bonde-DD1 [1897]: Else Birgitte Bonde
-DD2 [1900]: Kirsten Anna Bonde
-DS1 [1903]: Svend Laurits Bonde
-DS2 [1907]: Niels Søren Bonde*****
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DH [1852]: Marius Bonde
DW [1855]: Marie Louise (Ottosdatter) BondeDS1 [1875]: Marius Otto Bonde / Marius, den yngre
-DW [1877]: Jenny [Sørensdatter] Bonde-DD1 [1897]: Else Jenny Bonde
-DD2 [1900]: Louise Marie Bonde
-DS1 [1903]: Frederik Marius Bonde
-DS2 [1907]: Kristian Søren BondeDD1 [1877]: Anna Marie Mariusdatter
DD2 [1879]: Kristine Mariusdatter
DD3 [1881]: Elisabeth Mariusdatter
DS2 [1884]: Albert Bonde
DS3 [1886]: Gustav Bonde
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DH [1852]: Laurits Møller
DW [1855]: Anna Jensen MøllerDS1 [1875]: Laurits Knud Møller {"Laurits, den yngre"}
-DW [1877]: Marie Knudsen Møller
-DD1 [1897]: Jensine Marie Møller
-DD2 [1900]: Louise Anna Møller
-DS1 [1903]: Frederik Laurits Møller
-DS2 [1907]: Kristian Laurits MøllerDD1 [1877]: Signe Lauritssdatter
DD2 [1879]: Poula Lauritssdatter
DD3 [1881]: Birgitte Lauritssdatter
DS2 [1884]: Georg Møller
DS3 [1886]: Gustav Møller
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DH [1852]: Jens Marius Petersen
DW [1855]: Elisabeth Kirsten Hansdatter Petersen "Elise"DS1 [1875]: Jens Gustav Petersen "Jens, den yngre"
DD1 [1877]: Margrethe Marie Jensdatter "Grete"
DD2 [1879]: Thea Olivia Jensdatter
DD3 [1881]: Anna Maja Jensdatter "Anika"
DS2 [1884]: Erik Georg Petersen
DS3 [1886]: Søren Frederik Petersen--
DS1 [1875]: Jens Gustav Petersen "Jens, den yngre"
DW [1877]: Kirstine Magdalene Eriksen PetersenDD1 [1897]: Birgitte Kirstine Petersen "Britt"
DD2 [1900]: Karen Elisabeth Petersen
DS1 [1903]: Frederik Jens Petersen
DS2 [1907]: Marius Jens Petersen
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DH [1852]: Svend Laurits Møller
DW [1855]: Louise Hansine OttosdatterDS1 [1875]: Svend Wilfred Møller; Svend, den yngre
-DW [1877]: Else Magdalene Eriksdatter
-DD1 [1897]: Birgitte Else Møller
-DD2 [1900]: Anna Louise Møller
-DS1 [1903]: Frederik Svend Møller
-DS2 [1907]: Peter Svend MøllerDD1 [1877]: Signe Elisabeth Svendsdatter
DD2 [1879]: Alma Kristine Svendsdatter
DD3 [1881]: Birgitte Ellen Svendsdatter
DS2 [1884]: Georg Niels Møller
DS3 [1886]: Gustav Otto Møller
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DH [1852]: Peder Niels Møller
DW [1855]: Elisabeth Louise AndersdatterDS1 [1875]: Peder Knud Møller
DD1 [1877]: Anna Signe Pedersdatter
DD2 [1879]: Thea Olivia Pedersdatter
DD3 [1881]: Maja Birgitte Pedersdatter
DS2 [1884]: Lauritz Georg Møller
DS3 [1886]: Frederik Søren MøllerDS1 [1875]:
-DW [1877]: Else Magdalene [Eriksdatter] Møller
-DD1 [1897]: Birgitte Else Møller
-DD2 [1900]: Kirsten Elisabeth Møller
-DS1 [1903]: Anker Knud Møller
-DS2 [1907]: Niels Peder Møller
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DH [1852]: Marius Bonde
DW [1855]: Louise AndersdatterDS1 [1875]: Marius Bonde {called "Marius, den yngre"}
-DW [1877]: Else Marie (Ankersdatter) Bonde
-DD1 [1897]: Anna Else Bonde
-DD2 [1900]: Kirsten Louise Bonde
-DS1 [1903]: Anker Marius Bonde
-DS2 [1907]: Niels Marius BondeDD1 [1877]: Ingeborg Mariussdatter
DD2 [1879]: Frederikke Mariussdatter
DD3 [1881]: Birgitte Mariussdatter
DS2 [1884]: Lauritz Bonde
DS3 [1886]: Gustav Bonde
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DH [1852]: Kristian Marius Bonde
DW [1855]: Anna Jensine OttosdatterDS1 [1875]: Kristian Gustav Bonde "Kristian den yngre"
-DW [1877]: Else Magdalene Knudsen
-DD1 [1897]: Jensine Else Bonde
-DD2 [1900]: Kirsten Anna Bonde
-DS1 [1903]: Frederik Kristian Bonde
-DS2 [1907]: Laurits Kristian BondeDD1 [1877]: Ingeborg Margrethe Kristiansdatter
DD2 [1879]: Sigrid Sørine Kristiansdatter
DD3 [1881]: Maja Birgitte Kristiansdatter
DS2 [1884]: Niels Anker Bonde
DS3 [1886]: Knud Otto Bonde
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DH [1852] Kristian Erik Petersen
DW [1855] Anna Elisabeth AndersenDS [1875] Kristian Otto Petersen, Kristian, de yngre
— DW [1877] Maja Kristine Mariusdatter
— DD [1897] Jensine Maja Petersen
— DD [1900] Louise Anna Petersen
— DS [1903] Søren Kristian Petersen
— DS [1907] Marius Kristian Petersen DD [1877] Elisabeth Marie Kristiansdatter
DD [1879] Thea Sigrid Kristiansdatter
DD [1881] Birgitte Andrea Kristiansdatter
DS [1884] Georg Frederik Petersen
DS [1886] Otto Ingvar Petersen
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DH [1852]: Kristian Lorents Svendsen
DW [1855]: Hansine Elisabeth OttosdatterDS1 [1875]: Kristian Ingvar Svendsen {called "Kristian, den yngre}
-DW [1877]: Birgitte Magdalene Mariusen
-DD1 [1897]: Maja Birgitte Svendsen
-DD2 [1900]: Louise Hansine Svendsen
-DS1 [1903]: Otto Kristian Svendsen
-DS2 [1907]: Marius Kristian SvendsenDD1 [1877]: Nielsine Ingeborg Kristiansdatter
DD2 [1879]: Sørine Inger Kristiansdatter
DD3 [1881]: Jensine Andrea Kristiansdatter
DS2 [1884]: Frederik Anker Svendsen
DS3 [1886]: Wilfred Otto Svedsen
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DH [1852]: Peder Marius Møller
DW [1855]: Kirsten Anna Hansdatter DS1 [1875]: Peder Otto Møller "Peder, den yngre"
-DW [1877]: Magdalene Kirstine Knudsen
-DD1 [1897]: Maja Magdalene Møller
-DD2 [1900]: Louise Kirsten Møller
-DS1 [1903]: Frederik Peder Møller
-DS2 [1907]: Laurits Peder MøllerDD1 [1877]: Margrethe Elisabeth Pedersdatter
DD2 [1879]: Sigrid Frederikke Pedersdatter
DD3 [1881]: Birgitte Andrea Pedersdatter
DS2 [1884]: Albert Niels Møller
DS3 [1886]: Gustav Svend Møller
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*DS1 [1875]: Niels Wilfred Svendsen {called "Niels, den yngre (Niels, the younger")}
-DW [1877]: Maja Kirstine Ingvarsen
-DD1 [1897]: Anna Maja Svendsen
-DD2 [1900]: Louise Anna Svendsen
-DS1 [1903]: Otto Niels Svendsen
-DS2 [1907]: Niels Peter Svendsen
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DH [1852] Niels Laurits Bonde
DW [1855] Marie Hansine Albertsdatter BondeDS1 [1875] Niels Gustav Bonde "Niels den yngre"
- DW [1877] Jenny Kirstine Ankersdatter Bonde
-- DD1 [1897] Maja Jenny Bonde
-- DD2 [1900] Karen Marie Bonde
-- DS1 [1903] Anker Niels Bonde
-- DS2 [1907] Kristian Niels BondeDD1 [1877] Marie Margrethe Nielsdatter
DD2 [1879] Anne Frederikke Nielsdatter
DD3 [1881] Else Birgitte Nielsdatter
DS2 [1884] Carl Albert Bonde
DS3 [1886] Otto Ingvar Bonde
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