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[Opinions] Thoughts on these names for twins?
Hi, it's SaltyLemon123456 (or RandomPerson1234 :D), I'm not logged in again, lol. I'd log in, but I'm too lazy right now, lol. Me and my girlfriend are almost 18, and we plan to move to Sweden together to live with each other after graduation, and we're going to university there. I have big news! I proposed to her, and she said Yes! Yay. I'm from Poland, but my ancestors moved from Sweden to Poland, and my Fiance is Swedish, but she moved to Poland as a 13 year old, and when we were 14 we started having a romantic relationship. We aren't just going to rush into marriage, we're probably waiting a year or two. So excited!
Me and my Fiance love to talk about names for children we plan to have.
Anyway, if we were to have twins, we have a few names we like:
Girl/Boy: Astrid and Felix Dąbrowski
Girl/Girl: Astrid and Ingrid Dąbrowski
Boy/Boy: Felix and Anton Dąbrowski
(Dąbrowski is my surname)What are your opinions on these name pairs for twins? Please leave Honest opinions and suggestions of names like them.RandomPerson1234 :D
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Congrats to you and your girlfriend!Astrid and Felix go together really well. Anton and Felix do too. I think Astrid and Ingrid are a bit too rhyme-y, though.
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I like them all, except Felix, and for all I know it might work just fine in Sweden. Anton is very nice.I know sisters of Swedish descent called Ingrid and Astrid! Both good names, but I prefer Sigrid and would use it.Congratulations on a wonderful-sounding future.
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Ooh. Tasteful!
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Love all the names
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I like Astrid and Ingrid for girls and Anton and Felix as boys names. Good picks overall :)
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