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[Opinions] Rate these twin girl's names 1-10.
Lisa and NoraAmanda and FeliciaKristina och Felicia Greta and KarinaLinnea and ThereseJosefin and CamillaRandomPerson1234 :D"You're a Firework, show your obstacles in your brightest colors."-Me
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Lisa and Nora - 3
Amanda and Felicia - 5
Kristina and Felicia - 7
Greta and Karina - 6
Linnea and Therese - 2
Josefin and Camilla - 3
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Lisa and Nora - 6/10 the names kinda go together to me because they are about equally as boring and inoffensive to meAmanda and Felicia - 5/10Kristina och Felicia - 5/10 they go together better than the set above but I dislike KristinaGreta and Karina - 2/10 Greta is lovely but I hate KarinaLinnea and Therese - 4/10 those two names have very different moods to meJosefin and Camilla - 5/10 I like Josefin but Camilla is unattractive IMO, they flow okay though
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I like Kristina and Felicia (7/10) and Greta and Karina (7/10) about equally, though I would prefer Felicia and Greta (8/10.I like Nora very much; might you consider pairing it with Camilla? That would also rate an 8/10.Lisa and Nora: 5/10 because of Lisa
Amanda and Felicia: 5/10 because of Amanda
Linnea and Therese: 4,5/10. What about Linda and Tessa? I'd give that a 7/10.
Josefin and Camilla: 6/10 because of Josefin, which I don't enjoy in English.
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Lisa and Nora: 6.5/10. Not bad.Amanda and Felicia: 5/10. Meh. I don’t like Felicia.Kristina och Felicia: 4/10. Greta and Karina: 6.5/10. Nice.Linnea and Therese: 5/10. Cool names.Josefin and Camilla: 5/10. Not my style, but not bad.
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