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[Opinions] 2020 Babies ETA twins
Babies of people I personally know born in 2020. Siblings in parentheses. Blaze Alan
Brecken John
Gracelynn Marie
Katelynn Ember (Raelynn Kristine, Adelynn Keri)
Ivy Layne (Addyson Elise, Ariella Mae, Alivia Rae, Avalynn Grace) - no idea why she switched from A
Arabella Adette May (Winstyn Elliott)
Quinn Hogan (girl) Hogan is mom’s maiden name
Nora Pauline (Xander) I think Xander’s middle name is Michael after dad but I’m not sure.
Scarlett Jean and Lucille Jacqueline (Maverick Michael and Lincoln Steven) The boys are twins too. All middle names are honoring.
Roland Robert and Audrey (Addyson Elise and Aria) - same Addyson as earlier, these are her dad’s kids, the others are mom’s. I know the other girls have E middle names, but I can’t remember what they are.
Bennett Alexander (Mason and Ella)
Zoe Marie
Samuel Arthur
Bowen Dean (Sydney Grace, Sophie Marie)
Sebastian WDYT? Also what babies do know born this year.ETA: My friend’s twins made it in just before midnight, but I didn’t talk to him until this morning. Donald Herbert and Charlene Sue. Donald is dad’s name after his grandpa and Herbert is his other grandpa. They are calling him Herbie. Charlene and Sue are his wife’s grandmothers. They are calling her Charlie.

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Herbie and Charlie are really sweet! I like:
Ivy Layne and Ariella Mae
Jacqueline and Steven
Charlene Sue
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I love Samuel Arthur.
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I like Bennett Alexander, and Lucille Jacqueline isn’t bad (if a bit on the frilly side). I don’t really care for the rest.
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