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[Opinions] Names we mourn + final names for our twins Cora + Helena
First thank you for all the feedback a few months ago when we were deciding on the names for our twin girls. I love names so much so this was a fun process. I love their names and think they are beautiful but there were so many beautiful names that we couldn't use. So what are the names you wish you could've used or love but don't ever see using? What are they names you love and mourn? Below are mine.Remy

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First and foremost, congrats! Are they identical or fraternal? Or do you kno yet? lolSecondly, I don't really have to mourn any names because I've already used them or similar names, because I don't name kids - I name characters. Unused names I love just gives me more opportunity to use them! lol I do have a name I used to love but was tainted by association, though - Joel. Let's just say I'm stopping there. It's a shame, too, because I used to think the name was so handsome, and then HE came along...
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Thank you! They are fraternal.Lucky you to be able to name characters!I love idea of Basquiat and Feliciano as girl names but not sure I would’ve actually used them (though it would be a fun to think of the perfect balancing middle names). They sound like very cool girls to me.
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First of all: I love the names you ended up going with :)
Secondly: What a great idea for a topic!
Jacob: I would like a second child and I love the name Jacob and I always have. But it’s the name of my sister-in-law’s brother and due to them not having contact anymore (she comes from a very toxic family), using Jacob would just be super inappropriate. Ariel: I LOVE it! It’s so so pretty. But it’s the name my ex and I had picked out if we ever had a girl (Ariel Catalina). I just can’t make myself use it since I eventually ended up with my husband instead. Rakel, Renée and Gerd: I fell in love with them as a little girl. I’d still use them in a heartbeat. My husband doesn’t like them.Elliot: I think it’s lovely and I like how it looks and sounds in combination with our daughter’s name, Elisabeth. But my husband hates the sound of Elliot.Rose/Rosalie, Ellie, Leonora, Franka, Victoria, Cora, Arendse: Basically, I can’t use all of these and they’re my top names, if we ever have another girl. So even if I get to use one of these or maybe two, I’ll be mourning the rest.

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ElliotI love Elliot too! Ever since E.T. Given the chance, I would’ve gone with the Eliot spelling I think after T.S. Eliot.There are just too many beautiful names. Simonetta after the woman who modeled for Birth of Venus is another favorite that comes to mind.
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I wanted to name my son Ian, after my two dearest guy friends; but DH's sister had recently divorced an Ian, so it would have been inappropriate. I love the name he's got, but if I'd had a second son perhaps I'd have stood my ground.I love the name Laura. It seems gracious and timeless and all the right things ... but we were always going to use my late mother's name, and Beatrice and Laura were just too much for parents who don't speak a word of Italian.
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