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[Opinions] Finnish BAs (+ BA in my extended family)
Parents' names are in parentheses.*Mila Alissa, brother Eemil (Anna-Liisa and Niko)
Senja Irene Vanessa (Sara and Pauli)
Astrid Hertta Sofia (Heini and Eero)
Iiris Armi Elisabet, sister Stella (Martina and Niklas)Amos Armand (Saara and Jaakko)
Matteus Väinö Kauko (Matilda and Joona)
Ilmari Arvo Antero (Oona and Jussi)
Oskari Elias (Kristiina and Otto)
Alvar Ilo Klaus Julius (Anna)
Sulo Arvi Ensio (Penni and Jukka-Pekka)
Oiva Jalmari (Maarit and Otto)Adrian & Damian, brother Benjamin (Dzenita and Pasi)
Kuisma Olavi & Mauno Hermanni (Tuike and Eero)*Names that are not in the database:Hertta:
Tuike:*Also, my cousin Markku and his wife Riikka revealed the name of their daughter born in the end of October: Pihla Efia. Efia is our grandmother's 2nd MN and a misspelled version of her own grandmother Effia's name. Efia/Effia is super rare in Finland (only appearing in the region of Central Finland where our grandmother is from;, so it's nice that Markku and Riikka decided to use it. Pihla, on the other hand, is a bit boring to me (it ranked 16th in the popularity chart in 2019), but I can appreciate its Finnishness and nature-y vibe (Pihla is derived from pihlaja, meaning "rowan" in Finnish).(If you're wondering why they didn't announced Pihla's name right after she was born... In Finland, a newborn child's name is traditionally revealed in a christening or a naming ceremony when the child is around 8 weeks old. Juridically speaking, parents of new-born children must name their child and inform the population registry within three months of the child's birth.)Formerly known as Remora L.

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I love short fresh 4letters names. And I wonder what names that I like are old-fashioned, rare, or ridiculous (I learnt from a comment section that Lumi is childish and rarely used)
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I wouldn't say that Lumi is rarely used: I've seen many BAs with Lumi in the last couple of years. However, it's a fairly modern name, becoming trendy in the 2000's: that's why it may seem childish to some people, because most of the bearers of the name are literally children.I would categorize the four-letter names in these BAs this way:Mila: modern trendy
Niko: trendy in the 1980's/1990's/2000's
Sara: ditto
Eero: evergreen classic
Armi: vintage trendy
Amos: vintage trendy or modern trendy (Amos has been used here at least a century ago, but I think it's now trendier than it was 100 years ago)
Arvo: vintage trendy
Oona: trendy in the 1980's/1990's/2000's/2010's
Otto: evergreen classic
Anna: ditto
Sulo: vintage trendy
Arvi: ditto
Oiva: tritto
Pasi: trendy in the 1960's/1970's

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Thank you!!
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I do like Efia and Effia and agree about Pihla. Efia could work as a first name, it isn't dissimilar to Sofia.And I like:
Senja Irene Vanessa - Beautiful, flows like water
Hertta - so cute, sounds like herttainen
Iiris Armi ElisabetAmos Armand
Ilo Klaus Julius - very satisfying combination of letters
Sulo - same as Hertta. Sulo and Hertta as siblings, ah, or Onni and Ilo. Penni is adorable.
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