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[Opinions] WDYTO g/b twins named Jordan and Evan?
For many years I have imagined a set of girl boy twins named Jordan and Evan. I imagined them like characters. I always imagined Jordan to be a girly-girl who likes things like princesses and unicorns. Evan likes science and is very mature for their age. What should their middle names be? Any ideas for siblings?
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I wouldn't use a gender neutral name with g/b twins, especially one that was originally pretty solidly masculine, as I feel people would often mix up which twin the name goes with. Which I guess is always a concern if you had twins of the same gender but it still feels annoying. That's my opinion at least.
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I think it's a lovely set!Jordan Amy & Evan Philip maybe?For siblings I could see Hazel and Rudy.
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My experience with Jordan is about 50% boy and 50% girl. I definitely do not get a girly, princessy vibe at all. It actually has started to feel a bit dated to me for both genders. Of the two, I like Evan best. I've only met a couple of those. All boy, none were girls.
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I’d definitely assume they’re brothers, and if I knew they are boy/girl, I’d assume Evan is the girl. I think Jordan (on a girl) needs to be paired with a 100% masculine name to avoid confusions. Jordan Elise
Jordan Faye
Jordan Gabrielle
Jordan Mae
Evan Timothy
Evan Brooks
Evan Raphael
Evan Graham
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Which is which?
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I dont like Jordan for a girlother siblings I think should be 2 syllables ending in anAidan, Brennan, Brendan, Declan, Dylan, Logan, Morgan, Megan, Susan, Nathan, Rohan, Nolan, Ryan, Tegan, Tristan, Keegan, Fintan, Quinlan, Stellan, Kian, Duncan, Caelen, Lachlan, Siobhan, Taran
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Cute, but I see Jordan as more of the tomboy type. Evan is a dainty name. Jordan Cecilia
Evan Francis
Madison Nadine
Jackson Owen
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