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[Opinions] Finnish BAs
Parents' names are in parentheses.*Seela Aurora (Siiri and Eetu)
Ida Linnea, sister Julia (Laura and Jonatan)
Sienna Marianne (Paula and Brad)
Aune Viima Valpuri (Mari and Lauri)Ilmari Valpas (Katri and Niko-Matti)
Oskar Erik, siblings Kasper and Ida (Nina and Kalle)
Okko Verneri, sister Eine (Laura and Mikko)
Aarni Matti Juhani (Vilma and Ville)
Leo Aaron, sister Lulu (Paula and Pau)
Douglas Olavi (Elina and Michael)
Heikki Paul Yrjänä, siblings Leo and Liisa (Karoliina and Lassi)
Luukas Johannes (Noora and Johannes, grandparents Paula and Arto)
Aapo Frans Emil, brother Vinski (Saara and Teemu)
Elias Mikael (Aino and Lauri)
Osmo Ilmari
Valo Christopher Khan, brothers Onni and Usko (Maija and Chris, grandparents Riitta and Samuli)
Kaarlo Taneli (Miia and Tomi)
Noa Oliver Anton (Anniina and Ville)
Robin Erik Johannes, sisters Mandi and Ebba (Mariella and Thomas)
Aapo Eemeli, sisters Elsi and Martta (Elina and Juho)*Names that are not in the database:Viima:
Elsi: known as Remora L.
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I like many of them!To bring up some:
Ida Linnea
Nina and Kalle - I like both but Kalle's form and sound caught my attention. I've never cared about Karl, but Kalle is fine.
Eine - 4 letters names have charmed me recently.
Leo Aaron - Leo is my newly found classical love.
Aapo Frans Emil - I like Aapo here, there's smth with -o ending, which draws my attention.
Elias Mikael (Aino and Lauri) - I've always found finnish pronunciation lovely and may I say, smart, so even "boring" Michael sounds fresh and modern.
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