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[Opinions] Prettiest Hungarian Girl Name
I've been looking for character names, and I've found a lot of names I've never heard before in N. America. But a lot sound very pretty when said out loud, or have neat meanings. what are your favs?Here's a list of all girl names --> Some of the one's I like bestAniceta - she who can't be conquered, what a badass girl name!Sarlot - white weaselMedeia - cunning Ruszlana - lion
Nadia - hopeTimea - goodness, honorViolett - violetBobita - the little 'tuft' of feathers on a bird's headKincse - my treasureEleonora - just so graceful soundingAndelin - angelEtelka - comes from Etele, which is a Hungarian version for Attila the Hun. Eniko - little deerHóvirág - snowdrop flower
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From your list I like Eleanora, Eniko and Violett although I'd probably just spell it Violet. I used to know a Kinga, I always thought that was an awesome name. Some others, that distinctly Hungarian I love are:
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Let me think about this... Nadia is always classic of course,Timea us definitely interesting.. I didn't realize that Eleonora was used in Hungary that's cool.
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I'm liking Aniceta! Powerful meaning. I also love how Eleonora can be used in other languages! Also used in Swedish, my native language. Quite an old name in Swedish.
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I like Nadia
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