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[Opinions] Finnish BAs
Parents' names are in parentheses.*Lilja Elisabet Leila (Laura and Antti)
Selma Juulia, siblings Maisa and Ilmari (Karoliina and Eetu)
Valentina Lisa Lucia (Ruth and Anders)
Emelie Alexandra Teemuntytär (Viivi and Teemu)
Sofia Anna Alina, siblings Emilia and Niilo (Elina and Kimmo)
Matilda Bella Vanessa (Tiia and Mikko)
Kiira Mai Katariina (Riikka and Jussi)
Tove Hilkka Johanna, brother Erik (Sara and Sami)
Iiris Matilda (Julia and Sakari)Eeli Anton Akseli (Jannica and Jussi)
Emil Heikki Matias, brother Väinö (Jannica and Konsta)
Kaarlo Kristian (Alli and Anssi)
Joakim Walter (Hilla and Philipp)
Elias Lukas, sisters Vera and Nora (Leena and Vesa)
Ukko Veikko Villehard (Tuuli and Pyry)
Anton Veikko Samuel (Tia)*Names that are not in the database:Juulia:
Teemuntytär means "Teemu's daughter".
Villehard:*~*~*~kuin metsäorvokki laaksossa
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My favourite is Elias Lukas. It rhymes, which works to its detriment, but it's so... clean. For the girls, I'd pick Matilda Bella Vanessa - I'm intrigued by the combination of the very fashionable Matilda with the hopelessly dated Bella and Vanessa.
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Aw, I love Hilkka! What a great name. Matilda Bella Vanessa is superb. Both Matilda and Vanessa are growing on me.
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