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[Opinions] Geralt (Polish?) form of Gerald but said with a hard g rather than a soft g. I'm sure a lot of people are now familiar with the Witcher since the show with Henry Cavill came out, but Geralt is the name of the main character. WDYT?
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When I heard it initially (playing The Witcher, not watching or reading), I thought it was an 'old man name'. I've gotten used to it now bc I love The Witcher, games, books and series. It feels Dutch to me, but that could be intentional bc a lot of other characters have Dutch-ish names.

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Is Gerald ever said with a hard G? At least here in the U.S it's always a soft G. Maybe in Germany it's hard?Anyway, I love both Gerald and Geralt. The Geralt spelling would always be overshadowed by Gerald and doesn't seem worth the effort. I've never seen that show but I'm glad it's bringing such a great name back into the spotlight. I think the youngest child in "The Durrells of Corfu" is Gerald (with a soft G).
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I got soft and hard mixed up - it's the other way around!
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I like it *because of* the Witcher (I play the games, my mom reads the books, we both watched the show when it came out)
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dont like it
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