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[Opinions] Brother for Citra
I need a name for a character called Citra's older brother (pronounced SIT-tra, I half made up the name). Their last name is On; they're originally Vietnamese but they were both born in the UK so I want them to have vaguely English names. My only thought has been Jethro. Any ideas?*LISTEN TO THE MUSTN'TS
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Listen to the DON'TS
Listen to the SHOULDN'TS
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Citra & Dhani
Citra & Jordi
Citra & Ivaylo
Citra & Tomte
Citra & Zakkai
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Thanks for the suggestions! I really like Dhani & Citra, Zakkai & Citra, and Jordi & Citra.*
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Considering Citra is an Indonesian name, I'd spell it Sitra.
Sitra and Jerome work
Sitra and Simon
Sitra and Rowan
Sitra and Ivan
Sitra and Lewis
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Imo it's kinda rude to change the spelling of someone else's character name unless they specifiy they're open to changes.
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Thanks for the reply! I really like Jerome and Citra. You're right that for the type of name it should be Sitra... but I was going for a bit of a pun - Citra On, Citron - so I think I'll leave it Citra. They're just characters for myself.*
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If it's just for yourself then that's a bit different.If you were going to publish and claim you'd invented the name and given it to a character of a different nationality then that would be upsetting.I hope you enjoy writing about your characters.
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Yes, I understand and agree. Thank you.*
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