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[Opinions] French names: WDYTO them?
Hi !!!Feminine:
Osanne Masculine:
Boniface Rate & comment them! :)Personal Name Lists
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F:Colette - lovely, cute and vintage. It's being used again both in France and the US. 9/10Perrine - nice feminine form of Pierre. 7/10Marise - it's okay, but I like Marissa and Manon more. 5/10Arielle - not bad, although I much prefer Ariel on both genders. I don't like this elaboration. 5/10Osanne - too religious, it also sounds old. 2/10-M:Éloi - very nice. Short and timeless. 9/10Ulysse - I like the association with the character in Greek legend. 7/10Gilles - I know it's French, but I don't really like the extra L. 5/10Benoît - dated, but not that bad. 5/10Boniface - no matter which form, this name always sounds old. It's a shame, since the meaning is pleasing. 3/10
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I like Marise and Colette
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I would use it as a middle name for a girl to honor my Grandfather Pierre. I like it. It’s a cool name I never really appreciated until recently.Marise: I like the sound, like I like Anise more! Colette: I really like this name. Especially as a middle. It just goes with everything.Arielle: Probably going to be misspelled a lot, but hey, you always have Ariel. Which is my guys is a cool unisex name. Arielle is pretty.Osanne: Osana is better.I don’t have much on an opinion on the boys names.
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