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[Opinions] Something I heard
I usually give my characters really strange names, and I'm making a book, and here are the names. You can add to the list if you want.Riddle Tralaine
Matilda/Maddie Tralaine
Pennsylvania/Penny Tralaine
Melissa Tralaine
Adam Livingston
Stephen Tralaine(Long lost brother)
Luna Tralaine(Long lost sister)
Saira(pronounced Sarah)Williams
Nicholas/Nik Garett
Rain/Stormie Garett
Colin Bells
Skip, Scott, Scout(I dunno last name).I'll put this in the Writing room.

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I mean, Riddle and Pennsylvania are weird, I guess. The others just sound like all the people I grew up with. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely wouldn’t call them weird.
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I'd retract Luna and Matilda from the lot, too associated with Luna Lovegood and Matilda Wormwood. The rest are still do-able imo
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How about Scout Collins, Skip "Skipper/Skippy" Mountbatten, or Scottland/Scotland "Scott" Key? : )
And I agree with the guest: what did you hear?
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Uh….. what did you hear?? You missed that.You missed that part
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