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[Games] Name These Characters
This game is called Name These Characters.I will make a list of different types of characters, and you will name them whatever you like. I recommend using full names (a first and a last name). I just prefer those over something short and ambiguous like 'Ella, nickname Ellie' that could apply to ANYBODY. It feels as if it's missing something. Nicknames and legal name changes are allowed. (Ex. Born Maya Elizabeth Sedivy, professionally known as Carla Marc). Aliases are allowed, for that reason. You have until DECEMBER 15, 2021 (12-15-21) to submit your answers. Today is Monday NOVEMBER 15th 2021. You have a month.This is my first game, so I'll probably need some criticism or suggestions.
I'm giving you 5 entities to name. If this becomes a series, then I will try to create at least one fantasy character and one realistic character for each round. That way, there will be a variety of names to choose from.
And P.S, made-up names for supernatural characters are fine by me. ; )
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Name the fairy. She has purple wings with green veins. Her element is nature/grassy. She is shy and can go hours or even days without speaking. She lives in the woodlands.2. Name the college professor. She doesn't have much time on her hands, but she loves to knit. She wishes that her students liked her more, or at least asked more questions.3. Name the archer. He's been practicing archery ever since he was ten. His main goal in life is to blend in. He likes solitude and the great outdoors. And he's in love with apples.4. Name the baker. When he was younger, his friends called him a glutton. Now he owns his own bakery and gets paid to be one! The only problem is, the demands are very high and he works by himself.5. Name the female ruler who refuses to get married. Her parents are barking at her about how the next heir should've been their son, who passed away when he was three. She will not be discouraged.Choose wisely! You cannot retract your answers! All participants are welcome. If you like the challenge, then stick around. Maybe I'll be able to make a Name These Characters Part 2.

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I am doing this just for fun! Not for the competition!1. Lesta Maryn Greenpine
2. Professor Joanne Victoria Dulan
3. Stanley “Stan” Deacon Freas
4. Brio Justis Atbers
5. Anne-Maria Francesca Eloise Trinfault

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You're perfectly welcome here. Thank you for stopping by. :D
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Alice Catrin Carey
Caspian John Grier
Elio Antonio Garelli
Maxime Astrid Solveigps. May I ask what the deadline is for? Is this a competition or something?
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Yes, it is a competition. I will do my best to pick a winner.
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1. Belphia
2. Professor Ingrid Steffens
3. Kristof James Abbott
4. Benjamin Rye "Benny" McIntyre
5. Lady Ginevra
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Oliff, the fairyPriscilla, the college professorElisha, the archerNicolas, the bakerKerenhappuch, the female ruler
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AuxelianaLouise Emmeline FarrarWilliam Alfred AppletonPaul Grayson RogersMaria Elisabeth Katharina Theresia Victoria Alexandra von Sonderburd
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1: Flora
2: Janice Stevens
3: Magnus Warren
4: Oliver Britton
5: Cornelia Laurentius
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you submitted this today on November 16th, which is not October 15th1. Vera Light
2. Sarah Smith
3. Isaac Collins
4. Holten Blacks
5. Charlotte Presca
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I submitted it 14 hours ago, so it was yesterday. But thanks for correcting October! I thought I already fixed it.

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yeah, that's what I meant, my days are off;)
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That's alright! My days are off too, more often than not. : )
Inform me if there are anymore errors. My deadline said Nov. 15, which was the day I made the contest lol.

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1. Name the fairy. Dymphna
2. Name the college professor. Irene
3. Name the archer. Tristan
4. Name the baker. Artie
5. Name the female ruler. Theodora
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