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[Opinions] Some Indian names
Hi !!!WDYTO these names?Feminine
Lila (लीला)
Tamanna (तमन्ना)
Seeta (सीता)
Mukta (मुक्ता)
Jyotsana (ज्योत्सना)
Prema (प्रेमा)
Sonal (सोनल)
Arushi (अरुषी)Masculine
Niraj (नीरज)
Sanjiv (संजीव)
Ashwin (अश्विन)
Pratik (प्रतीक)
Nishant (निशान्त)
Hari (हरि)
Ajay (अजय)
Lochan (लोचन)
Surinder (ਸੁਰਿੰਦਰ)
Navin (नवीन)Unisex
Kanti (कान्ती)
Swarna (m स्वर्ण, f स्वर्णा)I personally like: Niraj, Sanjiv, Ashwin, Nishant, Mukta, Hari, Swarna, Surinder, Jyotsana, Navin, Prema, Sonal and Arushi. I prefer Sita over Seeta.Ajay and Lila were in my list but they are currently boring.Personal Name Lists

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I like Seeta (I prefer Sita too), Arushi, Hari, and Swarna.
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Lila (लीला)- Dislike. The double L is too la-di-da.
Tamanna (तमन्ना) - Fine but a little boring. The meaning is nice.
Seeta (सीता) - I prefer the look of Sita, but the pronunciation is more clear with Seeta. It is a lovely name either way.
Mukta (मुक्ता)- The sound is mucky, but I love the meaning.
Jyotsana (ज्योत्सना)- nice
Prema (प्रेमा)- I know an elderly lady with this name; she is a lovely person. Independent of her, the name sounds very proper like Priscilla but less pinched.
Sonal (सोनल) - dislike
Arushi (अरुषी)- Cute, but it sounds more like a pet name. It would be really sweet on a puppy. Masculine
Niraj (नीरज) - I imagine this man as someone who plays at being sweet and innocent in order to approach others that he finds useful.
Sanjiv (संजीव) - A nice solid name.
Ashwin (अश्विन) - handsome. The meaning is a bit odd.
Pratik (प्रतीक) - In an English speaking country, I would avoid having Prat in my name.
Nishant (निशान्त) - Neat
Hari (हरि)- cute
Ajay (अजय) - Dislike the punk little kid sound, but the meaning is great.
Lochan (लोचन) - Depending on how it is is pronounced, it could be nice or make me think of lock on.
Surinder (ਸੁਰਿੰਦਰ) - It sounds powerful and the meaning is awesome. It might be too close to surrender though.
Navin (नवीन)- meh Unisex
Kanti (कान्ती) - lovely in an informal and approachable way.
Swarna (m स्वर्ण, f स्वर्णा)- Makes me think of food.
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I like Hari, Kanti, Tamanna, Jyotsana and Niraj. I also like Arushi but prefer the similar name Aruna.
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I like Lila & Navin
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