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[Opinions] Some Hebrew names
Hi !!!WDYTO these names?Feminine
Ofira (אוֹפִירָה)
Sarit (שָׂרִית)
Hanna (חַנָּה)
Tahel (תָּהֶל)
Ela (אֵלָה)
Chanah (חַנָּה)
Dvora (דְּבוֹרָה)
Dafna (דַּפְנָה)
Devora (דְּבוֹרָה)Masculine
Eliezer (אֱלִיעֶזֶר)
Elior (אֱלִיאוֹר)
Menahem (מְנַחֵם)
Amir (אָמִיר)
Meyer (מֵאִיר)
Ofek (אוֹפֶק)
Avner (אַבְנֵר)
Lev (לֵב)Unisex
Dor (דּוֹר)
'Or (אוֹר)
Li (לִי)
Azaria (עֲזַרְיָה)
Yona (יוֹנָה)I personally like: Dor, Tahel, Amir, Ela, Meyer, Ofek, Dvora, 'Or and Lev.Eliezer, Avner and Elior are in my PNL but they currently are a bit boring.Personal Name Lists

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I like Dafna, Devora, Elior, Meyer & Lev.
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I like Amir
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I like Sarit, Hanna, Tahel (I love the meaning), Devora, Eliezer and Lev.
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Oh, I've recently 'discovered' Ofira / Ophira and Odelia. Finally, some peculiar O names :)
Lev is my long-time favourite!My top three:
1. Ofira
2. Hanna
3. DevoraMasculine:
1. Lev
2. Elior
3. Avner
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I like Hanna, Devora, Azaria
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