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[Opinions] Some Russian names
Hi !!!WDYTO these names?Masculine
Semyon (Семён)
Genya (Геня)
Iona (Иона)
Nazariy (Назарій)
Innokentiy (Иннокентий)
Stas (Стас)
Yevgeniy (Евгений)
Anastasiy (Анастасий)
Iriney (Ириней)
Fedya (Федя)
Iliya (Илья)Feminine
Liliya (Лилия)
Tonya (Тоня)
Mariya (Марья)
Kira (Кира)
Stefaniya (Стефания)
Ustinya (Устинья)
Klara (Клара)
Lera (Лера)
Irina (Ирина)Personal Name Lists
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I like Genya, Nazariy, Anastasiy, Iliya, Liliya, Mariya, Kira, Lera (I much prefer the full version Valeriya) and Irina. I also like Alisa, Roksana, Vitaliya, Nikolai / Kolya, Aleksandr / Sasha, Artem, Lev, Mikhail / Misha, Zoya, Ruslan, and one of my favorite GP's Vasilisa.
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Well, as far as I know...Genya (Геня) - it's not used at all, imo. Gena (with a hard G) is a nn for Gennadi, and Zhenya / Zhenia — Evgeni.Nazariy (Назарій) - it's a Ukrainian form, in Russian it should be Назарий, there is no letter 'i' in modern russian.
It's more like a 'church name', I mean, according to Wiki famous bearers are mostly bishops.
I think, Nazar is a more conventional 'wearable' form.
But all in all Nazar and Nazariy are extremely rare and old-fashioned. Anastasiy (Анастасий), Iriney (Ириней) - same as Nazariy.
Although my mother once knew someone, whose father was named Anastas, I believe Anastas was born in the 1940s-50s. (But honestly, I don't know where he was from).Diminutives, that are not used as stand alone names:
Stas, Fedya.
Tonya, Lera.Irredeemably dusty, 'your great grandmother' dusty:
Mariya, Ustinya.And I agree with ari on transcription issues.I like Kira, Klara, Ilia and Lilia (these spellings).
Lilia is my long time favourite, actually. But it's an international name already...;)
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Love: Liliya, Kira, Klara, Yevgeniy & IliyaLike: Lera & AnastasiyNeutral: Iriney & Nazariy
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I like Kira and Klara
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I like Iona, which I'd transcribe it as Yona, Yevgeniy, which I'd transcribe as Evgeni, Iliya, which I'd transcribe as Ilia or Ilya, Liliya, which I'd transcribe as Lilia, and Klara (the only transcription I have no complaints about).
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